Noel Devine Still A Mountaineer

Noel Devine has decided to remain a Mountaineer after initially pondering a transfer following Rodriguez’s departure. This, while at first a huge relief, is also a huge coup for any incoming staff. Devine is still a marquee name across the country and will allow the new coach to use a player of his stature as a building block in recruiting.

And hey, at this point, isn’t this the best news we’ve had in weeks?



15 Responses

  1. Thank you NOEL! You are going to be a HUGE piece to the rebuilding puzzle. After all the let downs and obstacles you have had to overcome, you are a hero of sorts to me for sticking this one out! Thanks again! A ray of light on a dark week.

  2. I wasn’t too worried, but this makes me feel better for sure.

  3. Yay Noel Devine! This is great news. You know if the Eers have a good year and Michigan doesn’t, people will know it was the team after all that brought the success. Not just the coach. To stay through adversity and rise above, those are things that add the extra to a players story to get the sports head to talk just a little bit more about them.

  4. These guys are what its all about. I honestly think if we made pat white the o coordinator, he could do it. NO doubt in my mind he is teh greatest mountaineer of our generation, if not all of them.

  5. Noel Devine, great. I didn’t figure he would sit out a year to transfer. He’ll be in the NFL after next year if Slaton transfers and he’s the main man.

    More importantly, I’m happy Stanchek isn’t leaving. We need our O line back. If we have a good o line you could put Mickey Mouse on some Heelies back there and he’d gain 1000. Come on Josh Jenkins, don’t sell us out to tOSU. F*** Ohio! Hail W.Va!

  6. Was anyone really concerned about Pat leaving for the NFL? He’s a great player, but really, not NFL material at 190# soaking wet. If dude gets jacked up playing against Syracuse, the NFL may as well wait a while.

    That said, here’s hoping whoever is the next coach will get some receivers to catch the d*** ball so we don’t have to go off-tackle on 4th and 3.

  7. Great news. Pat and Noel back. I would love to see Slaton. Slaton can boost his stock staying next year. Josh Jenkins on the line and maybe the wishbone next year? I really believe that Rod leaving was a blessing. To do a job and do it right, you nust be 100% comminted, he was not. We need to hire a coach to lead us out of the tunnel in Arizona!

  8. Fantastic news, especially with the entire offensive line and several skill players coming back…our next coach is walking into a great situation.

  9. That’s great news!! Merry Christmas, Noel, you’ve certainly helped to make the Mountaineer Christmas a little brighter for Mountaineer fans all over the country!

  10. Now, Devine and White back. Let’s find a coach today.

  11. I’m glad these guys are coming back, no doubt. I just want to respond to zub’s assertion that Pat White (who I love) may be the greatest Mountaineer of all. I would still take the Major.

    Great website, by the way. I just found you guys in the last week. Good stuff!

  12. Is there a email address or something we can actually thank Noel through? I would honestly like to do so.

  13. His school email is per WVU Directory

  14. Thank you, Noel! You’re a great young man, and I commend you for honoring your commitment to WVU unlike the previous coach.

    All we need now are ‘guarantees’ from Pat, Steve, Darius, and next season could be something even more special. At least from the offensive side of the ball, anyhow.

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