On Location: South Cackalacky

I am just a few hours away from boarding a plane to South Carolina. Because of that, I have a week of fun, sun, and golf to look forward to. I know you don’t care, but I wanted to 1) rub it in; and 2) let you know that, if any news breaks before 5 today, why there are no updates. So, while I want a new coach to be named, I’m hoping it’s not in the next few hours.

PS: By the way, that’s South Carolina for the uninformed.

UPDATE: Well, it seems I am the victim of more than one holding pattern today. Both a blanket of fog and a late push for Terry Bowden have delayed my life so far Thursday.

While 5th Year Senior is definitively on Bowden’s side — mostly because of his style of dress — I find this latest push mostly annoying and very Arkansas-esque. Regardless of what I think of Ed Pastilong, he does have a pretty sterling record of hiring good coaches across the board (ignoring Dakich). Instead of allowing the boosters and fans to pick the coach, let the man choose what he believes to be the best candidate. Let him choose Doc Holliday.



9 Responses

  1. Mr. West,

    Welcome to our fair state and enjoy your stay!

  2. So what’s the news? One update per day is really all you do anyway. ZING.

  3. From WV, been in South Cackalacky for 10 years. Conctact 843-236-2000 for golf. World Tour Golf Links

  4. I agree, CW, back off the AD and let him make the hire.

    And at last weve heard from Milan Puskar, the uber-booster. He says what needed to be said about the vocal boosters Kendrick and Reynolds. Good for him. I infer that Puskar would agree with what you say about Pastilong.


    My opinion, Kendrick and Reynolds are RR’s toadies and are serving as his proxies in all this, trying to make RR’s smarmy case to the media. Even if there is something to their side of the story, RR and UM’s loathsome conduct – meeting to iron out a contract without WVU’s permission, lying about it, announcing the UM job to recruits before notifying the WVU players and administration, giving the resignation letter to a grad assistant, initially timing the resignation as effective after the bowl, these picayune demands about sideline passes and waiving 5$ game admissions for high school coaches – completely undercuts their arguments. A university is about more than RR’s control-freak obsession with his football progam. So don’t drag the university through the mud like this. It’s unforgivable.

  5. Good luck with ole Terry Bowden … I just find that idea funny… Also all you do on this page is spread rumors … Not that I have a problem with it but its just amusing to go back and read where you write Doc is going to be yalls coach then Saban, wait no now its Bowden … There is a reason Terry hasnt coached in ten years and its not becuase he had better things to do. If yall hire him I will be a lot less worried about the game with yall next year… WAR EAGLE

  6. Also I pray and Slaton and White go pro in wake of Rod leaving yall … No Slaton No White and Terry Bowden = Victory for Auburn…. WAR DAMN EAGLE

  7. Auburn football stinks like my Grandma’s ass.

  8. Auburn better hope White goes pro. If not, he’s going to rip another SEC teams ass for a couple hundred ground yards when they come to Morgantown next year.

  9. Rain here tomorrow, but nice during the holiday!

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