Now Meet Mike Locksley’s Wife


I think we can all agree that this would be a major upgrade over Rita Rodriguez.  Right?

Here is the picture in it’s entirety:

Good looking family.  Actually, nevermind, I’m still just looking at the wife.

8 Responses

  1. We know there will be no need to be sleeping with cheerleaders when you have her at home.

    Please, oh please, let’s hire a coach soon, not named Doc or Butch.

  2. Man did Locksley outpunt the coverage with his wife. She is smokin!

  3. She is something else man, wow.

    The Jimbo Fisher talk is blowing up…

  4. Dang this lady is gorgeous. Would be much better to see her on wboy before the pitt game saying how much she loves WV, then leave 2 weeks later like WRINKLED RITA did. Aleast she would not still have family here in WV.

  5. I got great seats ! She could sit on my lap!

  6. She has tig ol’bitties.

  7. Did she give birth to those kids or did they rent them or something? Or maybe she’s his daughter! Oh, sorry Mike. Sure don’t have to worry about TBowden sort of Auburn problems. SHE IS HOT! If he could recruit her…

  8. […] Now Meet Mike Locksley’s Wife West BY GOD Virginia […]

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