Discussions (Still) Ongoing With Jimbo Fisher


(***Latest update found here***)

According to separate sources close to the Board of Governors and Governor’s Office, Jimbo Fisher, heir-definite to the Florida State throne, is in discussions with those representing the interests of West Virginia University. Fisher’s newly signed contract at FSU stipulates that he not have any direct contact with WVU, hence the “those representing the interests” portion of the previous statement. Fisher is very interested in the vacant WVU job.

If these discussions are to continue, here is what needs to happen, according to those same sources:

  1. Again, Fisher and WVU must not have any direct negotiations.
  2. Fisher may not officially interview for the position.
  3. All communications between the two parties must be conducted through back channel representatives.

Fisher’s current contract carries a buy-out of $2.5 million. Jimmy Sexton, famously the agent to both Fisher and Nick Saban (as redundantly reminded to me 4,000 times in these comments), has told numerous people that the buyout is quote “manageable” (considering the controversy over the buyouts of Beilein and Rodriguez, this is easily believable).

That said, Fisher is merely the newest (and hottest) candidate on the WVU job search scene. Doc Holliday, favorite of AD Ed Pastilong, is still the favorite. Terry Bowden is still the favorite of many boosters and fans. Fisher, however, was the leading candidate last year when Rodriguez had reportedly left to Alabama and would’ve been the favorite this year before his new deal with FSU.

Look for Jimbo Fisher to quickly make up any ground he lacks on Holliday and Bowden.

UPDATE #1:  WBOY is reporting that Jimbo Fisher is now a top candidate for the job.

Clarksburg native, and Florida State offensive coordinator, Jimbo Fisher’s name was also been picking up steam Friday night.

Rumors are flying around Morgantown that Fisher has jumped to the top of the list of candidates, and that a contract may have even been offered.

A source close to the situation told 12 Sports he didn’t want to elaborate too much, but implied that negotiations could be going on.

Post-Gazette running with the same vibe this morning:

West Virginia’s coaching search took an abrupt turn yesterday: Florida State offensive coordinator and head-coach-in-waiting Jimbo Fisher suddenly came into view as a candidate to replace new Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez.

It’s a delicate situation, because Fisher, a native of Clarksburg, W.Va., cannot even interview or have any personal contact whatsoever with West Virginia officials. If there were, under his Florida State deal announced four days ago, Fisher would be subject to personally paying his $2.5 million buyout to Florida State. He joked about it to Tallahassee-area reporters when the contract, an extension through 2011, was unveiled this week that he could interview elsewhere so long as “somebody wants to pay $2.5 million. …”

See #1-#3 above.  If Fisher is going to be a candidate, the interview/hiring process needs to be handled very delicately.

UPDATE #2: ESPN2 went on the air with the “Fisher to WVU” angle.  They also mentioned his $2.5 million buyout.  In the next few hours day or so, we’ll be posting an analysis of the buyout and why we believe (with our law school education) that this buyout isn’t going to stick.

UPDATE #3: This isn’t a huge announcement, but I can confirm that as of 5:30 Saturday evening, Jimbo Fisher has NOT been offered the job.  Like I said, not mind-blowing stuff, but it’s still something.



25 Responses

  1. SWEET!! I only want a new coach if his name is Terry, Nick, or Jimbo.

    We do not need a coach that has interviewed with Marshall and East Carolina (DOC). We are a top 15 program and we need a top 15 coach.

    I do not want to go back to the Nehlen days because then we could go back to old slogans like… “Hey, We are bowl eligible!!” 10 games into the season here we come International Bowl.. and Oh and United’s Buy One Get ONe Free will be back in full effect.

  2. Jimbo can keep the program rolling. There is no doubt in my worthless opinion that this guy is the best outside of Nick Saban for the job. We as fans need to push for Jimbo on every wvu and fsu website.

  3. This better fucking be true.

  4. This coming from the same guy who gave us the Nick Saban report.

    Jimbo, of course, is the best candidate for the job. Too bad it’s not going to happen. None-the-less, my hopes are up. Quit toying with my emotions.

    How about the article this morning saying Doc would most likely bring Steve Dunlap, Bill Legg, and Dave McMichael with him. I threw up a little in my mouth just typing that. Round up the gang Doc, and I’ll meet you at Mediocrity in 2 years.

  5. Jimbo may be a cool name but he will not be WVU’s next head coach.

  6. “Charley West says … Michigan may still be gold and blue, but it’s not the same gold and blue.” ~ per the Daily Mail.

  7. I love West Virginia.

  8. You guys are all correct. I about threw up too when I heard that Doc Holliday is the leading candidate. I only wish that Jimbo was going to be available but he won’t be. There is no exclusivity clause specifically for WVU in regards to his buyout as opposed to an article in Yahoo Sports on Monday….Certain things in life “just make sense” or are a “natural fit”……Bob Huggins replacing Beilein “just makes sense”……Terry Bowden replacing RRod “just makes sense”

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  10. This would be the best thing that could possibly happen. We need him! JIMBO..PHONE HOME!

  11. Charley, did you see that hack Dienhart’s new article on TSN this morning about Tricket possibly being the guy? First of all, anything Dienhart writes should be taken very lightly, but second, if he is at all accurate (which I doubt), the word “compromise” was used regarding his possible hire, and that scares the fucking shit out of me. Here is a link if I can get it to work:


  12. Trickett? I don’t think we need an in-your-face Marine drill instructor as head coach. I can just picture him going all Woody Hayes and punching a guy live on ESPN.

  13. Im hearing Jimbo will be named coach tomorrow.

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  15. If Jimbo is named head coach, I’ll be a happy camper. The other candidates are garbage, and frankly, I’m embarrassed that we had to hear about Pastilong’s coach dumpster diving…. because thats what it is when your search includes guys like Holliday as potential head coaches…

  16. Wait, so does this mean I won’t get to stare at Mike of Locksley’s wife for the next 5 years? That’s definetly going in the ‘con’ column.

  17. Any current up to date information on a possible Jimbo hiring?

  18. This should be interesting to keep an eye on.

  19. According to Tallahassee papers, The president of FSU says Fisher assured him he is staying with FSU.


  20. If he leaves FSU, it will tell you everything you need to know about his character – he’ll be another Petrino and Saban. He’ll insure you short-term success and leave for the next best opportunity.

    As an FSU fan, I’ve been on pins and needles since his hire was announced in January, as Nick Saban almost lured him to Alabama.

    He says all the right things, and I’d like to think he’s a man of his word…but hell, didn’t Bob Huggins tell K-State he was staying there before you guys hired him?

  21. Listen to Dan Patrick make RR squirm a little:


  22. Last year, I was attending Florida State and a friend of mine asked me to get an apartment with him for the 2007-08 school year. I graciously declined the offer. But he insisted, “Why not, are you headed back to West Virginia or something?” I responded, “I plan on being at FSU for the remainder of my academic career, as long as they will have me.” I am now a WVU student.

  23. RRod should pay for Jimbo’s buyout and we’ll call it a day.

  24. Screw that I want all 4 mil of that to come to WVU.

  25. Me too, make RR’s fucking ass pay up. Come on over Jimbo. I want to see you here next year. Bring Doc and Trickett too.

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