Introducing DARN IT…

Darn It!

Well folks our December just keeps getting worse and worse. We just got thrown under the bus again and we didn’t see this one coming either. It all appeared to be ironed out but something went down to keep Jimbo at FSU, probably BB. Both ESPN and the FSU official site are reporting Jimbo is staying at FSU. All I can say is good luck to Jimbo at FSU and to the WVU Athletic Department.

Our AD needs to finish this before Christmas to keep WVU fans happy. We can’t take much more of getting our hopes up only to have them dashed by more bad news.


10 Responses

  1. This is why I don’t get my hopes up anymore.

  2. For years I never got my hopes up because I knew I would only be let down by the Mountaineers. Then we won some big games and I thought we were finally past getting our hearts broken year in and year out.

    Now over the last few weeks I have had my broken over and over again. Good lord when will this end because I don’t have much hair left…

  3. Balls. I was really holding out hope for this one.

  4. You can’t have many shoes left either.

  5. I’m down to sandals and the draft from all these broken windows makes the house very chilly!

  6. Relax. Jimbo was never going to happen. Jimbo was coached by Terry Bowden…..and worked for Terry Bowden….he now works for Bobby Bowden…..and no matter how much he would have liked to do this deal….there was no way he could throw BB and TB under the bus…..because with the move he would do both. Terry Bowden is the choice and his father will pull out all the stops to ensure that he has quality assistants to make us great. It will be fine…..

  7. What great assistants will Terry bring?

    If a great assistant was out there, we ought to just hire them as head coach instead of Terry’s sorry old non-coached-in-ten-years butt.

    Seriously, if the guy was such a great HC candidate, he would have had a coaching job, oh say, at least offered to him sometime in the last ten years

  8. When Alabama was hring were they looking for an assistant……when Michigan was hiring…… took both schools a long time to fill their vacancy. We need for some of the bowls to get over…..and we can look at some candidates with recent D1 Head Coach experience.l

  9. Terry has more cache than you think. Be wary of counting him out. Behind that motormouth of his lies a very shrewd brain.

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