Just The Latest Embarrassment

UPDATE: We have essentially the entire play-by-play of the Jimbo Fisher “negotiations.”  Expect a full run-down in the morning.  Trust me, Ed Pastilong is not going to come out of this smelling like roses.  More like shit.


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  1. Make no mistake, folks. Jimbo was ready to come. He wanted to come. EP couldn’t close the deal. No matter what you hear in the coming days to the contrary, that’s the scoop. This should disappoint all of you, we just lost out on a big name coordinator who would’ve walked onto campus with street-cred and a National Championship ring.

    For all of you who think that JF ‘didn’t want to do this to the Bowdens’, you’re crazy. It’s a business, plain and simple.

    I pray that we don’t rush into hiring TB. There is no hurry here. I know some say that if a deal isn’t in place by Christmas the fans will start getting restless. I’d rather wait until the New Year and get a quality coach. There is no rush!!

    I will root for whoever is hired. As a lifelong fan and an alum I will always support the Gold & Blue. But I think we should hold ourselves to higher standards.

    If TB is such a great coach, why hasn’t he been on a sideline in nearly a decade? Why hasn’t Daddy hired him?

    Coffee’s for closers, Ed.

  2. I take it the AD fucked up again…. yay. 😐

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys have. And kudos for keeping so on top of things.

  4. This play-by-play is going to be intriguing. If it is what I’m told it is, we’re in deep shit during this process.

  5. I’m not too knowledgeable about whats been going on in the Athletic Department. I’m assuming I should be ready to get shocked/pissed off.

  6. EP is a quality guy. This is about relationships. You don’t stick it to guys like BB. I think you are wrong about it being a business. It is of course….but in this case…..the relationship piece is more important. Look forward to being proven wrong

  7. At this point, I’m just impressed with the fact that you threw in a great reference to Glengarry Glenn Ross.
    Nice move…

  8. I beg to differ that the ‘realtionship piece’ is more important. That’s B.S. That philosophy will bring us mediocrity. Everybody else out there, including FSU, understands that it’s business. The guy who doesn’t understand that is the guy who gets left behind. Right now, we’re dangerously close to getting a bargain basement coach.

    Jon D., glad someone caught the reference!

  9. You know what it takes to sell real estate?

    Brass balls.

  10. “Right now, we’re dangerously close to getting a bargain basement coach”.. AGAIN? Remember, RichRod was a bargin at the time. Lucky once, doubtful lucky twice. What would Bobby B & Florida State have done to us in the same situation? Just what they did when Bobby left and what Michigan just did to us. Winners will do anything to WIN in this business. Then there’s us. Polite, proper, ethical and the winningest program in 1-A college football without a National Championship! Not to mention that Admin has never hired a coach with 1-A head coach experience, much less a big name $$ coach. I’m an old alum. Many of you are youngsters. I’ve swallowed hard on every hire since BBowden left and that old joke about Bobby Bowden and hell freezing over is just not funny anymore! Sure, we’ve always been fairly lucky.. a-la Nehlan and RichRod but never a National Championship and never considered an elite football program. We have the attention of the big name coaches, the press and the nation! Now we have a shot at staying among the elite and even grabbing a National Championship in the coming years, and EP may blow it? Will Blow it? Has blown it? Somebody out there please tell me we aren’t going to end up status quo for the past, uh, at least 40 years. Us old grads would really like to see a National Championship before we pass on (and I’m only 50, but the decision could kill me). Even if Eddie needs to do it WV style and take his shoes off.. bend over.. whatever. Otherwise, lets ride him out on a rail immediately when he blows it, blew it..whatever. It’s not that I don’t buy your report, I am just trying to avoid saying the knife sticking out of my back is in fact a knife, while I have a breath left.

  11. Time for Pastilong to go. I can’t believe they made Fisher an offer on Saturday night. Then change the offer on Sunday morning. Meanwhile the president of Florida State calls Fisher 3 time while on vacation to try and keep him. Now if I was Fisher which place would I feel wanted me more…..Time to fire Pastilong before the program goes in the toilet!!!!!!!!!

  12. All I know is I am going to Arizona to rot for out Mounties!

  13. Well then explain why Fisher stayed at FSU…….it was not money….he would make more at WVU…….it was not prestige…..HC at WVU is better than assistant…..explain it.

  14. who cares ! move on ! as they all say!

  15. Terry !

  16. BC, I think Fisher was mostly looking for assurances from TK and Bobby about a firmer date for Coach Bowden’s retirement. It’s a tenuous place to be – head-coach-in-waiting. His contract only said that if we didn’t hire him to replace Bowden by 2011, he would be paid $2.5m. At that point, one of the most talented recruiters and assistant coaches in the country would have been languishing, when he could have taken the WVU job.

    However…he grew up an FSU fan. He grew up a Bowden fan. I find it highly unlikely that he’d screw over Terry, Bobby annnnnnnnnnnnnd one of his own staff – Rick Trickett.

    I don’t like that he held us hostage in January while flirting with the idea of joining Satan…I mean, Saban…at Alabama, and I don’t like what he put both FSU and WVU through yesterday.

    But I have to wonder if the whole thing was designed to gain leverage at FSU – to know for sure when Bowden was set to retire, and that he would succeed him. And from everything I’ve heard, it wasn’t about the money – it was about THAT.

    Besides, his wife, Candi, is from Alabama, and loves Tallahassee. Tally is a great family town (I lived there through college and two years thereafter), and she apparently didn’t want to pick up the family and move again – especially two weeks after her husband introduced his family on a press conference stage, and vowed that they were going to stay in Tallahassee for a the longterm. (Candi is a badass; what can I say?)

    That said…WVU has soooo many other coaching options – I understand why you came after Fisher (my boyfriend is still angry about Huggins, though – he’s a K-State grad), but like BC said…at this point, all you can do is move forward, and find the right fit for your program.

    I think you have that fit in Terry. Just keep him away from any boosters’ wives or daughters and you should be fine. Terry was definitely screwed (pun fully intended) at Auburn, where one zealous booster and envious former coach sabotaged him at every turn – he tried to clean up Auburn’s pay-to-play issues, and got burned.

    He’ll run a clean, quality program at WVU, and I think he’s got more of his daddy’s coaching mind than even Tommy. Terry might sound weird when he talks, but the guy has an MBA, a law degree, and HC experience. He will work tirelessly to build more stability into a program RR just left hurting.

    On a personal note, after y’all took Noel from us, I’m not horribly sad that we get to keep Jimbo and EJ Manuel (QB recruit) in the process.

    Merry Christmakwanzahannukah, ‘Eers! Good luck in the Fiesta Bowl!

  17. I am truly finding hard to believe that JF used us as leverage. Perhaps I’m just being naive, but I don’t see it. I may be biased, though, as I have followed him since his days as a high school quarterback. I am certainly a fan.

    I continue to preach, however, that there is no big rush. I’m not ready to jump right into bed with Terry. There are other options – quality options – out there. I have a pretty good source that tells me that there are some fairly recognizable NFL names that are/would be interested in the job. I’m not ready to name drop, yet. Trust me, though, when I say that we could land a coach with NFL postion-coaching, coordinating or head coaching (seriously) experience. All we have to do is expand the search outside of the ‘someone with connections to the state or university’ realm we seem to be stuck in.

    Merry Christmas!

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