The List = Jimbo Fisher

(***Latest Update: 4:30 PM***)

Our list of candidates has been trimmed to just one name: Jimbo Fisher.

Fisher, today, was to meet with Bobby Bowden and inform him of his decision to leave Florida State. Of course, according to my sources, saying “no” to Bobby Bowden is easier said than done. Florida State’s hope of keeping Fisher rests on Bowden talking him out of leaving. If that does not happen, look for word to leak later today that Fisher is the next head coach at West Virginia.

UPDATE #1: If Fisher were to ultimately stay at FSU, the backup plan no longer includes Doc Holliday. Reaction to Holliday’s hiring was so negative among boosters at all levels that he has been essentially eliminated from contention. After Fisher, the clear #2 is Terry Bowden. That fact makes the sit-down between Fisher and Bobby Bowden that much more interesting.

UPDATE #2: The Palm Beach Post is reporting that Jimbo Fisher has officially been offered the job at West Virginia.


Stay tuned…


13 Responses

  1. You have to feel for Doc. He left WVU in 1999 in hopes of getting outside experience and thereby succeeding Nehlen. Little did he know Nehlen would retire a year later. Now, Doc is too associated with the Nehlen name to be accepted back. This really is where he wants to be.

    You have to feel for Terry. He won nearly 80% of his games at Auburn. He would have played for a national title, but for probation. He desperately wants to coach again, and even more desperately at WVU. This is where he really wants to be.

    You have to feel for Jimbo. After RR nearly leaving last year, he was the obvious choice to replace RR. However, once RR stayed, EVERYONE thought the WVU job was locked down for years to come. So Jimbo goes to FSU and is given a K that allows him to take over one of the best programs in the country. Now, he must inform his head coach that he is accepting a job the head coach wanted his son to have, and he must inform the O Line coach that he is taking a job he really wanted. This must really be where he wants to be.

    Hooray for one of the nations top assistants, and the #1 man in the WVU coaching search being hired. Hooray that Jimbo chose WVU over FSU. Hooray that some of the finest and most well connected coahces in the country want to be at WVU. Hazah!

  2. On another note, I was watching Nevada play New Mexico yesterday, and it got me to thinking….those are two major state schools with state populations similar to WVU, and they have no hope of ever competing for a title or being a top program. How lucky are we? And how important is it that WVU gets the right coach to keep us there. (See Syracuse)

  3. I have my fingers crossed that Jimbo finds his way to Morgantown. He’s the guy I wanted last year, and the guy I wanted the minute Fredo Rodriguez left this year.

    If the Jimbo deal doesn’t go down, I hope that Terry is NOT the 2nd choice.

  4. Well, if Bobby Bowden wanted Terry to be the coach here so bad, he could’ve stayed all those years ago and made Terry his own heir apparent.

  5. I’m sorry, but didn’t WVU fans burn Bowden in effigy and effectively run him out of town, Buzzard?

    That seems a bit revisionist, then.

  6. woohoo

  7. What do you mean woohoo. Did he accept the position?

  8. No, he hasn’t yet. Rumor has it he’s still negotiating with both schools.

  9. Out of all of the potential coaches, I would rather have Jimbo.

  10. Jimbo Stays at Florida State ………… ESPN.COM

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