Fire Ed Pastilong!

As we hinted to last night, this was certainly not a case of Jimbo Fisher simply wanting to stay at Florida State.  He was signed, sealed, and essentially delivered to WVU by those negotiating on our behalf.  It was not until Ed Pastilong and Mike Parsons entered that things went awry.

Here is what happened:

  1. Governor Manchin and Fisher negotiate for several days.  Florida State, obviously, raises their end, eventually settling on $1.4 million per year.
  2. Machin informs Fisher that WVU can offer $1.5 million per year as well as pay the $2.5 million buyout.  Fisher, without signing, agrees to this offer.
  3. Enter Pastilong — grab your sick bag.
  4. Pastilong informs Fisher that the deal is not as Machin described.  He now has the choice between $1 million per year and the buyout payed in full OR the same $1.5 million per year with none of the buyout paid.
  5. Fisher says that’s now what the Governor told him and says no.
  6. Pastilong raises the offer to $1.1 million and the buyout paid.
  7. Fisher says no.
  8. Pastilong again raises the offer, this time to $1.2 million and the buyout paid.
  9. Fisher, now mad as hell, walks away from the table and announces he’s staying at Florida State.

This was bungled from the second Pastilong entered negotiations, though probably not unintentionally.  Pastilong and Mike Parsons are attempting to regain power in athletic department.  With the hiring of Huggins and rise of Rodriguez (especially after the Alabama fiasco), power had shifted from the AD’s office to the coaches.  By low-balling Rodriguez, Pastilong/Parsons took their first step in restoring their own power.  By doing the same to Fisher, clearly the strongest candidate, Pastilong/Parsons nearly assured themselves of a lesser, more manageable coach.

Pastilong/Parsons are sabotaging this coaching search for their own personal gain.  This has to stop.  Instead of focusing our hatred towards Rodriguez, something that will now get us nowhere, let’s at least divert our attention to something we can change: the saving of our athletic department.

It bas become clear that Ed Pastilong (and Mike Parsons) must be fired.

Note: My source is a high-ranking official in the athletic department. He would have complete knowledge of the negotiations that occured over the past few days. To protect his anonymity, that’s as far as I’m willing to go. You can be sure, however, that this is rock solid.


29 Responses

  1. Are there sources to this story?

  2. Yes. My source was inside the athletic department.

  3. I, along with thousands of other WVU fans, would love to see Ed/Mike parsons get canned. How would one go about doing this? Especially with the “good ole’ boy” network that runs rampent through the WV government and WVU.

  4. My sources at FSU say that while he was very tempted – at one point, 70/30 for going to WVU – Pastilong was NOT why he stayed at FSU.

  5. Let me be clear: this is not just any source in the athletic department. I have to be careful with how I classify the source since I don’t want to give away his identity, but this is a very high-ranking official — someone sure to have knowledge of how this all went down.

  6. Seems like E.P and M.P are feeling their oats too much…We were so close to salvaging the situation…..This really needs looking into ,who do they answer too??

  7. I seriously doubt you have such a “high-ranking” source within the athletic department. Even so, his/your account is flat-out wrong. The truth will come out after Christmas about what happened. The Governor was never involved in throwing around salry numbers. Do you honestly think our athletic department administrators would give the Governor of the State carte blance negotiating power? Get real. If you want credible sources, stick with the President’s office, not the athletic department. The President’s Chief of Staff is pretty much running this thing now. Besides, the Governor needs to shut his big mouth. He certainly isn’t helping matters by advancing his own agenda at the expense of everyone who loves WVU Football.

  8. TK (FSU’s President) stated in the press that Jimbo’s contract was was not changed. Jimbo appears to not be receiving any salary bump from the one negotiated several weeks ago.

  9. TK (FSU’s President) stated in the press that Jimbo’s contract was was not changed. Jimbo appears to not be receiving any salary bump from the one negotiated several weeks ago.

    You’re correct. That was an incorrect (source later corrected himself) remnant from an earlier draft of this post.

    Trust me, if y’all keep visiting the site, I’ll soon be able to afford an editor.

  10. There will be, as reported on Warchant, an increase in the “buyout” from $2.5 million to $5 million.

    That discourages poaching and also assures Jimbo that he will be the next FSU Head Coach..not even FSU boosters will shell out $5 million.

    It’s a win-win for Jimbo and FSU…Jimbo gets the job he wants and FSU gets an orderly transition from the Bowden era…and recruits know there will be stability and they will know who they will play for.

  11. Ed and Mike are killing WVU Sports!! Get rid of them before it is to late for WVU!

  12. I know everyone says this, but I have a couple of pretty good ‘inside sources’ as well. Charley’s play-by-play is spot on.

    One can choose to believe that, or not. No worries here either way. I’m a newcomer to this board, but I’m not here to try to impress anyone with my ‘connections.’ I just happen to know a few people who know a few people.

    We could’ve had Jimbo. We blew it. All is not lost, though. There are other people available, people who are NOT Terry Bowden or Doc Holliday. This is a higher profile job than many believe, we don’t have to go bargain shopping.

  13. Ed and Mike P have outlasted their usefulness. If we hire someone on the cheap, it is inexcusable. They have a responsibility to get the best man for the job. We don’t need a recycled Bowden or one of Nehlen’s cronies. Enough of the WV/WVU ties crap !

  14. Jeff, if you don’t think Gov. Manchin was throwing around numbers and basically running the whole operation early on then you are completely in the dark as to WV politics. Manchin wants to be included in everything that goes on in West Virginia.

    The good ol’boy days are far from over in WV and I seriously doubt Eddie P’s head will roll as a result of this coaching search. Mike Parsons, who is not that close to the Gov. could feel the wrath of unsatisfied fans.

  15. You’ve got to be shitting me

  16. Any ideas on who these other coaches Are? Could we be talkin a Saban, Jones, Tuberville?

  17. I agree that we do not have to bargain hunt. Each day when a bowl game is over….another possible coach becomes available to negotiate with……..I like that.

  18. Truly sad. Once again WV looks like the village idiot.

  19. Let me ask you this. Was Manchin/Steve Goodwin involved? Imo they need to go as well, or else nothing will change because they will just pick whatever puppet they want to replace Eddy, and Mike just like they did with the unqualified Garrison!

  20. I don’t understand how this is even in the realm of possibilities… why would Ed Pastilong try and negotiate this deal down? It doesn’t make any sense at all. It wouldn’t be in his best interest. Are you saying that Pastilong is trying to destroy himself?


  21. This is conjecture on my part, but Pastilong, in his mind, believes he is doing the best thing for this program and for himself. Our source has told us that he wants to consolidate power in the AD’s office, something that a strong candidate like Fisher would make it tougher to do. A candidate like Holliday, however, would make it much easier to restore power. He must believe that a strong AD is the way to go, especially after the constant demands of Rodriguez. That is why the Fisher fiasco occurred.

  22. This whole situation is making the AD and the schools administration look like a bunch of half-baked morons. Not good for the school’s reputation with the fans, the recruits, and the public. Once again, WV comes off looking like a bunch of hillbilly inbreds!

  23. I’m from north-central WV, and over the holiday I heard an abbreviated version of this story from a source close to the Fisher family. I’m certain that this version is correct.

  24. Nobody outside of this website thinks our school’s administration looks bad. The outside view, I live in Kentucky, is that we are taking a deliberate approach. When we hire someone that is very good…..and I predict that we do…..and maybe not even a name you have heard yet…..then all of you folks that were so quick to dog our Administration will need to choke down some crow……but you won’t….stay positive and quit thinking that no announcement means we are not doing something appropriate. Remember, this AD hire RR, JB and Bob Huggins….pretty good track record.

  25. Thanks, Moon. I’m glad to hear the outside view. Honestly, I didn’t think that we’d hire anyone before bowl season was over. After all, not many had heard of Nehlen or Rodriguez before they were hired. I’m sure that with the recruiting that RR has done and with our growing reputation, we’ll get someone better than RR.

  26. I can tell you that every time that there is a coaching change at WVU, there is a chant for the head of the AD in the interim. After the choice it calms down for a while and then quietly returns half way through the first season, depending on the WL record. Nothing is ever done. EP knows that.
    I agree that taking every post bowl coach as an interview candidate is a good approach. However, I am getting concerned that the best recruiting class we have had in the school’s history is shrinking to nothing. It’s even being discussed on national talk. Fairly soon any coach chosen may be a moot point, as it will take two years to recover from the recruiting losses.

  27. Having watched the Bowl Game, I’m glad a decision wasn’t hastily made. Bill Stewart and Co. deserved a shot to show what they can do. I am no expert, but I liked the way he was able to rally the team for this game and win it. I also know I like the offensive and defensive schemes we have. A coach from the outside is almost certain to change them. Bill Stewart has been in the system for 7 years and is likely to stick with what has worked, and he has proven that he can pull the team through what would be a devasting series of events for most teams. Should Pastilong not offer the job to Stewart, then you can continue to call for his firing. Otherwise, WVU is better off without Fisher or anyone else that won’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.

  28. I too, am a newcomber at this site. I also have “top level” insiders that corroborate this story. My version is nearly the same except for some of the exact numbers and the handling of the “buyout” clause.

    WVU had indeed signed, sealed and barely delivered Jimbo Fisher before Christmas until the AD botched it up by trying to save a nickel or two.

    I’ll never reveal my source since the man is now retired, but I can promise you that I believe every word he spoke to me.

    Think about it for just a second. This group of transactions came shortly after the FSU cheating scandal hit the papers. The buyout was much less than ARR’s buyout that he owed us in return. We had Jimbo wrapped up until our AD asked him to split the buyout and pay half of it out of his own pocket because they were willing to offer a miniscule increase in his yearly salary.

    If the real story ever does come out, then nobody will ever blame Jimbo for staying at his current job. Most reasonable people will blame the real culprits that sit in the administrative office in Morgantown.

    I always respected A.J. Manchin. He was a charasmatic leader that greatly improved our integrity when I was a boy growing up in Charleston. However, our current Govenor has no business leaking his phone conversations with Bobby Bowden on behalf of his son. He also has no business leaking information that he is trying to woo the Nick Saban asshole to our beloved state.

    I agree to give Bill Stewart a chance, but not just because we will save some chump change as a result. If WVU wants to remain in the national spotlight, it will cost a few dollars, but in the end, the return on the investment will be worth it.

    Although I will never respect ARR ever again, I highly doubt that I would want to work for Pastilong or Mike Garrison either.

  29. It is very obvious that Ed’s ego has caught up with him in his old age. He doesn’t realize that WVU football was bringing respect to the state with every win. Coach Rod was on the edge of a dynasty in Morgantown. He was taking 3 star recruits and making them into all Americans under his system. Does anyone really think Noel Devine would be at WVU without Rod’s unique spread? ROD’S SPREAD IS UNIQUE. Every University in the country with an opening was wanting Rod to be its coach. How many schools are knocking down Pastilong’s door to be their AD? I live in Tennessee and would love to have Rodriguez in Knoxville. He represented WVU with class and intelligence when on National TV. Do you realize thousands of highschool and college coaches have come to Morgantown to learn Rod’s offense. Rod was on the verge of bringing in big $$$ for WVU. Pastilong appears that he wanted control and was not going to be told anything by the football coach. Rod left mad because of Pastilong. I doubt he had ANY IDEA HOW MUCH HE WAS GOING TO HURT THE FANS OF WVU FOOTBALL but at the same time he was tired of swimming upstream against Pastilong. A man wanting to take his team places it has never been in history needs support. He had earned the right to say I need more money for my assistants, or whatever else. ROD HAS AN EGO. But name a coach that doesn’t that wants to win it all every year. That ego is what makes him want to win every game. I read people say that Rod threw the last regular season game. That is ridiculous. The man hates to lose. He coached way to conservative but he had never been on the verge of a national championship before. He had no reason to believe that his team couldn’t beat a 4-7 Pitt team by playing conservative. Two chip shots by the kicker would have won it. A healthy Pat White could have takin it on his shoulders. Can you blame Rod for that? Rod went to Michigan because he wants the players and facilites to be winningest football coach in history. His Ego strives for that. He was trying to do it at WVU and would have succeeded if it were not for Pastilong. 10 years from now the country will remember the ugly breakup of Rod and WVU. The sad part is with the right AD they may have been remembering the 3 or 4 National Championships.
    To be a respected program you have to win. Pastilong hired a nice guy with a history of going 8-25. I had never heard of Mr. Stewart before the Oklahoma game. There is a big difference in motivating players for one game in a proven system and developing a program that wins 10 games year in and year out. There is a reason Mr. Stweart has not been a head coach for many many years. WVU Will figure it out 4 years from now when Rod’s recruits are gone and there is nothing special about WVU Football. I always thought Nehlen talked like a dufous on national TV and recall the year he almost got down on his knees and begged on national TV for his team to play in the national championship instead of playing Florida. He got beat 40-7. I believe that is what WVU is going back to. Everyone can thank Pastilong.

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