Hot Girls!

We are all wound tighter than Kirstie Ally’s girdle and need a quick smile. Here are some scantily clad women to give you sugar plum dreams before you pull out your hair tomorrow. All I can say is that things can only get better.


Shimmy down my chimney!

Lets snuggle!

I've been a nice boy this year...

6 Responses

  1. Nice work there. I salute you.

  2. Whatever happened to my main man Stiles? With his arch-nemisis Beilein gone, I thought he’d be beating the Huggins drum.

  3. Dude thats my girlfriend!

    I love the pictures of these here girls.
    Hey, did I mention I want to be the WVU Coach?
    If I don’t get that gig, I think I’m gonna start a team with these here girls!
    And if I don’t get that gig, I’m gonna try to get that job at Tallahassee High School!

  5. Congrats

  6. nice blog and pictures.

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