University Side Of The Story


The University is mounting an offensive to mask the true story of the Jimbo Fisher fiasco. The University is stating that they offered a $1.5 million salary and that Douglas Leech, President and CEO of Centra Bank, was willing to pay Fisher’s buyout. They go on to say that Fisher then walked away.

Our source just laughed after he heard this version of the story and reiterated what we previously reported. We had our chance to land a big fish but the captain of ship cut our line.

Stay tuned to WBGV for further updates…


6 Responses

  1. It’s starting to look more and more like Rich might be telling the truth, maybe he couldn’t work with Ed. He still shouldn’t have left though, he should have fought back! I think that if WVU wants to continue to play with the big boys and have great coaches, the first thing they need to do is get rid of Ed Pastilong!!


  2. We need pastilong and parsons head on a stick, do they not want us to have a quality coach? Or are they holding out for another?

  3. Yep…Eddie and Mike P are busy playing grab-ass in the AD offices trying to restore the power they’ve lost to the coaches. I guarantee these guys try to get someone cheap and place him under their thumb…and I hope everyone who has to deal with those two assclowns gives them the ol’ 1-finger salute and walks out the door.

  4. If the Pastilong fiasco is true, why not have your source go to the newspapers. Aren’t you and Casazza thick as theives? If Pastilong was screwing Rodriguez, and he probably was to an extent, why didn’t he complain to Hickman or someone. If your source is geuinely worried and upset at the state of the athletic department, make him tell his tail to the press, and gain public support.

    Charley, seriously, if this went down, get the information to a newspaper and let’s clean house. This a fireable offense.

  5. Why would they go to the newspapers? Well-heeled high-dollar-contributing alumni supporters have already gone to the papers and see what good it did them (and us)?

    I don’t think they’ll fire anyone in the AD until they get a coach in place. Leaving the AD pretty much bare sends a worse sign to recruits than the kind of news we’re getting right now. Perhaps there’s someone we don’t know of that they do.

    Either way, when this is done, I hope the alumni, supporters, coaches, and players band together to get the AD in shape, including firing anyone who isn’t on board with trying to advance WVU sports in a realistic way.

  6. Regardless of the final outcome, we are left with a polarized alumni base. I believe the only way to heal the wounds and bridge us back together is to clean house. Pastilong and Parsons need to go. We need a fresh start with a clean slate.


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