My Christmas Present To You

Everytime I see this picture, a smile appears on my face. And what better — on Christmas, no less — than a smile on a Mountaineer fan’s face. Lord knows they’ve been few and far between these past few weeks.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Merry Christmas!


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  1. As the resident expert on minor sports, here’s the scoop on Nikki Izzo-Brown’s flirtations with Micigan:

    She has interviewed for jobs before and used it as leverage for improvements in the women’s soccer program such as a new locker room, better salaries, etc. Last year, Pastilong told her “That’s it.” But she went ahead and used the same technique again by interviewing with Michigan. Pastilong eventually capitulated.

  2. Sounds a lot like Rod. Except now Rod is in Michigan and our program is coming apart at the seems.

  3. Honestly, NIB is far more valuable than Rod, relatively… There are half a dozen or so Rod-like coaches out there. NIB is a one of a kind find, and WVU needs to keep her here if they are serious about their women’s soccer program.

  4. Yeah, that picture of the ACC Championship game is a classic. There’s no more than 25,000 “fans” in Alltel Stadium. Judging from the colors, it looks like most of the people there are associated with Virginia Tech. This just reinforces that Boston College is an awful team when it comes to traveling. Fans just don’t give a crap about Eagle football in the northeast. This is what the ACC got when it acquired three former Big East schools.

  5. Charley,

    What’s the news today! WBGV has been my front runner for news on the coaching situation or should I say DEBACLE. Look forward to some new updates from your inside sources.

  6. What’s the news today!

    We have something cooking. Shouldn’t be more than an hour.

  7. Hope it’s Doc or it bad news

  8. […] My Christmas Present To You [image] Everytime I see this picture, a smile appears on my face. And what better — on Christmas, no less […] […]

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