Jones Withdraws/Forced From Consideration

(***UPDATE: Sporting News has now retracted their story***)

It is being reported on both Rivals Radio and Sporting News that Butch Jones has withdrawn his name from consideration for the head-coaching position at WVU.

If you merely watched last night’s ESPN telecast of the Motor City Bowl, this comes as a complete shock to you. All night, the announcers consistently mentioned Jones and his (then upcoming) interview today with WVU officials. The way ESPN broadcasters were talking, it sounded as if Butch Jones had the chance to sign contract papers at halftime.

Of course, if you read WBGV, you’d know that, even despite the second interview (first official), Butch Jones had very little chance of becoming the next head-coach at West Virginia. While we are still working to confirm the circumstances around his announcement, it seems clear that he saw the writing on the wall after speaking to the WVU search committee. It was either 1) stay in consideration and face the potential embarrassment of not getting the job; or 2) withdraw and save face. He chose #2.

Again, we are working to confirm exactly why he withdrew and should (hopefully) have something pretty soon.

Stay tuned as we continue to track this developing story…


4 Responses

  1. Well, this certainly buys some time for Locksley and Petersen. Terry Bowden continues to wait by the phone.

  2. WHo is running this search Elmer Fudd, Be VERY VERY quite we are hunting coaches?!?!?!?!?

  3. Andre Ware seemed to think that Butch Jones was the only candidate for the job. Jones had to be WVU’s choice because Directional Michigan made a second-half comeback. Sometimes announcers make me want poke my eyes out.

  4. With our sweet ass athletic department, no one wants to coach us. Fire Sigfried and Roy and lets replace them. This is fucking embarassing to me as a fan and to my favorite college.

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