The Coaching Search Circus, Part Infinity

Yes, that’s right, the circus continues.

Chris Petersen, head coach of Boise State, is denying that he has had any contact with WVU. He’s quite emphatic about it, too.

Petersen said during an interview on KTIK radio that West Virginia has not made any contact with him or his representatives.

“Not at all,” Petersen said on Idaho Sports Talk. “It’s totally not true.”

Petersen said he finds it “kind of comical” that his name has been connected to nearly every vacancy this offseason.

This, of course, on the heels of Mike Locksley also denying he’s had any contact with WVU.

Do we have herpes and no one told me? Why else would coaches across the country be running from this job?

[Idaho Statesman]


27 Responses

  1. Maybe your job isn’t as good as you thought it was. And…I would imagine the administration filing a lawsuit against the last coach doesn’t exactly make it very appealing. No matter what the circumstances are regarding Rodriguez’s departure, why would someone want to come and be a part of that? Here’s the message: “if you leave this job, we’ll sue the xxxx out of you.”

  2. ARE WE EVEN LOOKING FOR A COACH????????? Seriously, I’m beside myself. We havent talked to a single new person since Dec. 18. Speechless. So angry…can’t…put…sentence…together.

  3. I saw a panhandler on an exit ramp with a handmade sign reading, “Will Coach WVU Football for Food”.

  4. Hey some guy, if a coach doesn’t want sued, he shouldn’t sign a contract with a multi-million dollar buyout, then have his proxies go to the media and suggest he’s going to break that contract.

    As to the search, well, I just hope they are either talking to people unbeknownst to the media, or are holding of until after certain coaches finish their bowl games. That’s the right thing to do here. Be a mistake not to talk to Locksley, Peterson, et al. If I’m Peterson, I’m sick of all that blue turf by now. No offense . . .

  5. Oops, apparently it’s PetersEn.

  6. A few comments:

    First, to ‘someguy’, you have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re obviously an outsider who is just stopping by and posting without knowing the facts of the situation. Anybody who knows and follows college football knows that this is a good job. They also know the circumstances of the Rodrigues lawsuit. I will say, however, that the lawsuit was made necessary in part by the fact that we gave John B. too much wiggle-room when he bolted for Ann Arbor.

    Second, regarding the coaching search, I think we all need to relax. I’m frustrated, too. But I think all of our collective speculaton only increases the frustration level. After EP and MP blew the Jimbo deal (I will always see it that way) I resigned myself to being patient. I would rather let this play out for the next week or so, perhaps interviewing during Bowl Week, than jump right into hiring someone for the sake of filling the position. Maybe the wait means Locksley or Petersen or Chip Kelly gets an interview. But I stess that we all need to give this thing some breathing room.

    Hey, at least we didn’t do the unthinkable and immediately hire Terry Bowden. That tells me there is a glimmer of hope.

  7. All I know is, is that the state of Oklahoma is about to get real familiar with how we handle business in West Virginia. Do they make band-aids that big?

  8. First, to “Broad Oaks” – and you know what you are talking about? The details of the contract HAVE NOT been released to the public, everything we hear at this point is pure speculation and 3rd parties saying what they saw in the contract. If anything this lawsuit should bring out the true facts, this could be good or bad to WVU; but I do not pretend to know which. Remember that the last few School-coach lawsuits have not ended well for the school. Comments like “ARE WE EVEN LOOKING FOR A COACH????????? Seriously, I’m beside myself. We havent talked to a single new person since Dec. 18. Speechless. So angry…can’t…put…sentence…together” are what scare coaches away. WVU fans are ANGRY, prospective coaches do not want to see crazed fans (esp. ones that issue death threats). Everyone needs to just calm down – it will help everything.

  9. Brad Oaks has it right. Relax. My understanding is that we have been……for some time…..working a home run …..shock the world hire……..I don’t know if that is true, but it is certainly possible and the fact is we don’t know one way or another… we should just stay up beat……beat OUs butt and move on.

  10. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait and hope the administration does the right thing. Will they? Who the hell knows.

  11. I do not claim to know the details of the contract. That wasn’t the point of my response to ‘someguy’. My point was, there is more to the lawsuit than the school just trying to make Rich’s life difficult or make him look bad. We aren’t “suing the xxxx” out if him because he left, as the poster said.

    Bigger picture, my point was that the lawsuit wouldn’t make the job look unattractive to a potential hire. That, and that ‘someguy’ is obviously unfamiliar with the whole story.

  12. This blog was created specifically for crazed WVU fans. If you aren’t crazy about WVU, maybe you are in the wrong spot. And when WVU goes 10 days without interviewing any new candidates, it really makes you wonder if they are, in fact, looking for a coach.

  13. I am VERY relieved that a press conference announcing Butch Jones as our guy wasn’t held today. There is still hope that MG and EP are waiting on Petersen and/or Locksley. For the first time in what seems like weeks, I’m hoping all is quiet for a few more days. We have business to attend to in Glendale. Let’s G-O-O-O-O-O-O-O Mountaineers!!!

  14. Ok, lets wait until all the bowl game “dust” has settled. Then add the following names to WVU’s search list, in no particular order:
    Gary Crowton – Off. Coordinator @ LSU
    Dan Mullen – Off. Coordinator @ Florida
    Dave Christensen – Off. Coordinator @ Missouri
    Dana Holgorson – Off. Coordinator @ Texas Tech

    I am a crazed and now disgruntled Mountaineer fan. I know there has to be much more to the “story” between Coach Richard Noggin’ and Ed Pastilong.

    Our coaching job is definitely “highly desireable”. Who would not want to coach our offense next year??? Everyone can come back except for Schmitt (Reynaud & Slaton have to decide if they want to). Imagine what a “real offensive genius” could do with everyone back on the offensive side of the ball.

  15. Re: The Lawsuit.

    The coaching search might not be going the way you like it, but as far as facts go – Rodriguez agreed to a contract, signed it, if he left, he had to pay the university 4 million dollars. He may not have received everything he WANTED, but I’m fairly certain the university gave him most of what was legally required and certainly working on the rest. Rich proceeded to look for another job after losing two games in the regular season and not completed even the first season on his contract, then went to another school. However you spin it, love him or hate him, love Pastilong or think he’s an idiot, Rich Rodriguez owes West Virginia University 4 million dollars. I don’t see how anyone can contest this, let alone a Mountaineer fan. This might be speculation, but I thought this term actually was made public: half of that is due 90 days after leaving (barring death, or him retiring)

    Since Rodriguez’ team made statements a few days after taking the Michigan job indicating that he would contest the buyout (following stories shortly leaked about how “the university wronged” him) I don’t think the university is out of line in the least making it clear that they expect to be paid what they’re owed. I’m not certain, but I think in “suing” they’re merely legally indicating that they due intend to collect the money. In my eyes, “contesting” was far more despicable, and there didn’t seem to be nearly as much uproar about Rod’s refusal pay as the university’s move to get what’s owed to them – What? The University forced Rodgriguez out so they could then collect four million dollars? Before the Fiesta Bowl? After he went to Toledo to meet with his “financial advisor”? After he called a recruit to tell him to come to Michigan while he was officially still head coach at WVU? I don’t think so.

    We’re all fans here. Folks might be decent enough to wish Rodriguez well at his new job, people are entitled to their opinion, and again, they might hate our athletic department, but I am really curious how anyone can look at the facts, not the hearsay, just what we’ve actually seen transpire in the course of the year and not think he owes the full buyout and therefore, since he’s said he intends to contest it, A) not be furious about that and B) come down on the university for making its intentions clear.

    There might be some larger unknown issue, but the reasons why Rodriguez’ team have thus far presented publicly for him leaving don’t justify his exit and certainly don’t get him off the hook for paying the full amount.

    Again, you may not like our Athletic Department (the same athletic department that hired Belein and Rich Fraud) – but I really don’t fault them for not bringing in a coach yet.

    Whatever the reason, whoever’s fault, Rod leaving has been a mess.
    Love Rodriguez (and head football coaches as a whole) or hate ’em — this whole situation has proven that most of the top guys have egos the size of the big house. Hiring a guy right before the team’s biggest game of their careers and expecting the new guy to just sit idly by in the background on the eve of the game is quite a risk. I personally think an announcement next week, right after the game, when preparation for the season closer (The season that the prior head coach bailed on) is over, is a pretty good move. I think the guys are adjusting to being abandoned by their coach pretty well. You could argue that the “search” is just as distracting as an installation of a new coach, and I don’t have any evidence that you’d be wrong — but personally I think the team is better off just staying in whatever rhythm they’re in until the game without anymore distractions, positive or negative.

    Rodriguez’ exit has seemed to make some people think WVU isn’t that great a place, not that great a team — like it’s immensely difficult to have any success now that he’s gone. Remember that we went undefeated twice and have gone to the National Championship — without Rodriguez. And we’ll do so in the future. Though this season had a few hiccups, the program as a whole has a lot of momentum, for whatever reason Rodriguez decided to bail on that momentum, which for us now is puzzling, but it is a HUGE opportunity for whoever gets this job. It’s a fact. Patience in trying to get the right guy isn’t a bad thing.

    Now in defense of the panic, being concerned about the process is certainly understandable.

    Who’s to say that this job doesn’t become that much more attractive after a Fiesta Bowl win? It’s possible that the university is banking on our guys. And I like that.

    I apologize for the long winded approach, but I have to agree with the guys that are saying just relax. We’ll move on, we’re going to be fine, we all want to be great — but we don’t need to rush into things.

  16. FYI, the contract is posted, as part of the complaint filed against RRod, here.

  17. WVU will make it coaching announcement on Monday after the Sunday night bowl game. Apparently Garrison and Manchin have talking to another Marion native son about the job. I heard enough to make this selection very plausible.

  18. First does anyone think we will interview Jim Grobe now that he is done with his bowl game? I have a good friend that is deep inside the Marshall Athletic Department and he told me that Grobe wants to come back home to WV and does not care about coaching in Conference USA, he just wants to be back home in WV.

    Second I have heard the same thing about Saban. He and Manchin grew up together and roomed together @ WVU. They also have kept in contact. Someone in my imediate family works for Manchin and says that he has been calling boosters trying to raise the money to pay Saban 2.0 million a year.

    Just wondering what everyone thinks? I am not saying any of this is going to happen. I don’t want to spread rumors like all these other Sh_t stirrers. I just wanted to let you all know a couple of plausible things that I have heard.

  19. S P Davis

    You are full of it!

    Saban went to Kent State, not WVU and he won’t take a 2 miliion a year paycut to move to Morgantown to carry on the great traditions of Nehlen & Rodriguez……PLEASE!!!!

  20. I think this is totally possible. Alabama will never see it coming. No one will…….it is in the works…..I think……as I have posted before…..we are going after a whale is what I am hearing.

  21. Wow… I’m going to have to find some rational Mountaineer fans to communicate with about this madness. Saban leaving his 32 million dollar contract to come to WVU (the same WVU that couldn’t afford FSU’s Offensive Coordinator)…? Sorry…, but you guys need to come back to earth. Some are reporting that Butch Jones is the leading candidate as recently as today. Tell me that doesn’t make Holliday or Bowden sound good?

    How is it that no reliable news ever leaks from the WVU athletic department?

  22. Wow RAY you are hostile!!!!

    Like I said in my post. That is what I heard not what was going to happen. I was told that Saban and Manchin roomed together.

    I was just asking people for their opinions not a full on assault!!!!!!!

    I see you are probably one of the NEW AGE fans!!!!

  23. C’mon ppl, chiiiiiiiiiil! Did we lose our heads when Nehlen retired, NO! When Rod got here were you all like “Who?” Yes So, what is the biggie now. We’ll get ourselves a good or great coach, in due time. I am privy to Lox after watching him at his Rose Press conf, he could be the ONE! I’m not gonna stew on it till we beat OU…………………Let’s gooooooooo Mountaineers!

  24. “…for whatever reason Rodriguez decided to bail on that momentum, which for us now is puzzling, but it is a HUGE opportunity for whoever gets this job.”

    wvutube, I agree with your sentiment BUT the “for whatever reason”, which we may never fully know , could be the hesitance that keeps some of the top-tier coaches from pulling the trigger. I hope you’re right that a more deliberate search yields a great coach…it’s just hard to feel confident given the circus of the past few weeks.

  25. Well WVU has just hired an outside consulting firm to help ED find a coach. Check this link:

    Has anyone ever heard of Mike Martz??? I think he would make a very interesting head coach for WVU and would run a wide open offense and help WVU attract top recruits based on his NFL connections.

  26. so ***RAY*** do you still think I am FULL OF IT????? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

    PLUS nobody on here is NICK Saban!!! So don’t say that he would never take a pay cut unless you are him or his wife!!!!

    Maybe he and HUGGY are the same!!! Maybe they want to come back home and WIN some championships for their home state and retire!!!

    I’m not saying that I was right about this – just that it is starting to get interesting!!!!!

  27. I have heard…..from a completely unreliable source….that it is a nearly done deal and that he (NS) is going to take 2.5…..which is a big cut… come coach the Mountaineers. If this is true, we really win……and will for years to come.


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