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You know your program has gone big time when a silly little issue like suing your former coach for millions of dollars makes my GMail news feed.


5 Responses

  1. Unless I’m mistaken, Gmail scans the content of your inbox and uses that to generate ads, newsfeeds, etc. I’m guessing there’s probably WVU related stuff in your inbox, and that’s probably why you’re getting that news.

  2. I thought that was only for the sponsored links to the right side of an opened e-mail? Either way, I was just bored.

  3. What say your “sources” to Garrison “unequivocally denying the Jimbo story”?

  4. Here’s the story as quoted from MetroNews:

    “Garrison also took the opportunity to refute one report that suggested he nixed the hiring of Florida State assistant Jimbo Fisher by blocking the payment of Fisher’s $2.5 buyout by donors. That is “absolutely, categorically untrue,” Garrison said.”

    Go back and reread Charley’s play-by-play of the Fisher Fiasco. If memory serves, nobody said that Garrison blocked payment of the buyout. The story was that EP and MP fouled up the negotiations. Garrison makes no statement concerning the AD’s handling of the deal. He simply denies that he blocked the payment of the buyout, which was never mentioned in Charley’s post.

  5. A copy of the complaint against Rich Rod, including the contracts and some other exhibits in the case have been posted

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