We Got Hosed!


Jim Burr, Timmy Higgins, and Curtis Shaw screwed us pretty hard tonight. I took off my new gold sweater twice during the game. I was pissed but I didn’t throw my shoe on the court. (If you are the person that threw something on the court, you’re an idiot.)

Granted, we could’ve won in-spite of the poor officiating — if we make a free throw and don’t throw an overly aggressive pass in the first OT. Hopefully, we come back strong on January 3 against Notre Lame.

Mr. Alexander is my choice for player of the game. Two thumbs up


2 Responses

  1. The officiating was bad all around, I wouldn’t say we got hosed too much. The refs didn’t blow leads like we did late in the game. Hopefully our squad learns from this and hopefully big men don’t run all over us in big east play the way Oklahoma’s bigs did.

  2. My personal favorite calls: 1) Ruoff took an elbow to the face with no call, and then an official chewed out RUOFF during the next dead ball. 2) There was a loose ball scrum that ended with WVU in possession. As John Flowers ran up court, an OU player still laying on the ground reached out and grabbed him to slow him down. 3) The delayed call in the first half when an OU player was knocked to the floor and Butler was assigned the foul even though he was 15 feet from where Wellington made the contact. 4) The best of the night…. The ref throwing the wrong fan out of the Charleston Civic Center Coliseum.

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