Even Though I Can’t Pronounce His Last Name…

…I still agree with the point Jack Bogaczyk makes in his latest article.  Or he agrees with me.  Either way, we are simpatico in thought.

Let’s see if we have this right:

A BCS conference program, one that has ranked in the top 15 nationally for three years running, one that sells out every game and brings in about $23-25 million in revenue annually, has or has had leading candidates named Butch, Jimbo and Doc – who combined have one year of major college head coaching experience?

No one has interviewed the interim head coach. I’m not sure the search party knows who is interviewing whom at this point. What’s next? A consultant to tell the searchers that they should be able to land better candidates?

Now, keep one thing in mind.  I am calm.  I am not going to launch into some far-fetched rant on firing our entire athletic staff or moving the campus to Charleston.  So, please, don’t tell me to relax.

All I am saying is that this search has aimed amazingly low.  Rodriguez, even though he is now a hated man, worked awfully hard to get this program into the upper echelons of college football.  He leaves and it’s like we’ve ignored everything that happened in the past 7 years.

Thank goodness the search has slowed down.  Turmoil or not, we have a stacked roster of players.  Give the other coaches in the country a chance to coach their bowl game and eventually, some of them might want to leave for 1) an immediate chance at a national championship; and 2) a lot more money than they’re making now.

That’s a good job.  Just allow more people to want it.   Finally, it looks like we’re doing that.

[Charleston Daily Mail]


6 Responses

  1. Indeed, the Post-Gazette is reporting that WVU has hired or will hire a consulting firm. That’s all well and good, but if they were going this route, they should already have had a consultant on the payroll. But generally, I am on board with the take it slow approach. I just am bemused at what appears to be a disconcerting element of making all this up as they go along.


  2. I’m trying to think of the schools that have used a consulting firm and all I can remember are Alabama and Miami. And I wonder what if any advantage there is to this other than plausible deniability if the coach turns out to be a dud.

    I know we all like to think that WVU is the greatest job in the universe, but I don’t think that is the perception outside of West Virginia. This probably is a coordinator job or step up for a WAC/MAC head coach.

    Bud Foster is just sitting there leaning against the wall waiting for us to call…

  3. My guess is they brought in the consulting firm because the there are big suits in the AD whose heads are going to roll if this hire doesn’t stack up to the last three hires.

    BTW, czyk usually = check, so I think that would be pronounced like “beau + gah + check” 🙂

  4. […] Even Though I Can’t Pronounce His Last Name… …I still agree with the point Jack Bogaczyk makes in his latest article.  Or he agrees with me.  Either way, we […] […]

  5. Hire the consulting firm for AD ! we dont need pastilong he is now a middle man collecting! Happy New Year!
    Let sGo!

  6. I don’t like this waiting period. It seem to me the only thing we are waiting for is a coach who maybe had a really good year and says he would love to coach these kids. He probably will look very favorable to the media and alumni. But in truth he is looking for his launching pad.

    With all the coaches they have interviewed their is enough talent between Doc, Bud and Terry to coach the Temple Owls to a BCS championship. (note the gross exaggeration). AND, here is the kicker because this is important, They really want to be here. So get on with it.

    Ed needs to realize that he is dead man walking. if he would stop playing politics and show some decision making ability he might just save his hind end. I’ll help him out and make it real, real simple.

    The first guy, lets call him the “Wyatt Earps buddy with a BCS ring”, is one of the nations leading recruiters and is intimately connected to WVU. I also believe he was responsible for holding together the tattered edges of Don’s declining program in the last several.

    The second guy, let’s call him Famous Dave, is former top head coach who took a depleted team that was on probation to an 11-0 season and could have easily won the national championship. Plus, he is connected and recommended by the most successful coach of all time who happen to also be his father.

    The third guy, let’s call him Sam Adams, is the architect of the most stout defense in college football year after year. Blue collar and unglamorous but still well known for developing NFL prospects he is a perfect fit for a school like WVU.

    There ya go, quit waiting around for a Chris Peterson or a Mike Locksley or someone else who is just looking for another rung in their ladder and make a decision before we get stuck with another Frank Cignetti.

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