Well, It Could Be Worse

Oklahoma DT DeMarcus Granger was sent home from the Fiesta Bowl on Sunday after his arrest in Tempe, AZ.

Granger, 21, was arrested Saturday in Tempe after he tried to steal a jacket from the Burlington Coat Factory inside Arizona Mills Mall, Tempe police reported.

“Mr. Granger removed an anti-theft device from a jacket and then concealed the jacket in a bag. He exited the store walking past the cash registers without paying for the jacket,” Mike Horn, a spokesman for the Tempe Police Department, said in a statement.

I know when I decide to shoplift a jacket, I don’t go for Burberry, Prada, etc. That’s too obvious. The more strategic choice is Burlington Coat Factory. They’ll never suspect it. I mean seriously, who would shoplift a coat from Burlington Coat Factory? That’s why this plan is perfect.

Now if I’m just smart enough to pull it off…



4 Responses

  1. Pittsburgh Post is reporting that WVU is hiring a consulting firm to help it “find” a coach.


  2. He just wasn’t prepared for how cold it gets in the desert at night . . .

  3. Wow. Talk about a stupid move when it’s going to be most visible to the world. Geez. This guy’s right up there with the Pop-Tart Bandit from the LA Riots. (Yes, all mayhem has broken loose, people are stealing everything not nailed down, and this one guy is caught on camera stealing a box of Pop-Tarts.)

  4. It’s SOOOOOO cold in Arizona this time of year. I guess the LCD flat screen TV he recvd as a gift for playing in the bowl wasn’t enough to keep his ass warm.

    What a loser! I hope this hurts them on the field.

    Nice one granger you loser!

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