Cue Up The Nick Saban Hype Machine

When you throw around the Nick Saban name, it brings a whole lot of attention. We know this, as we have some experience in this area. But Mike Casazza is making the leap. We wish him well…

GLENDALE, Ariz. – The pause in West Virginia’s search for a new football coach continues, but it will resume with a new direction. Sources confirmed the university will utilize a consulting firm to assist in hiring a new football coach.

A WVU team source also said Gov. Joe Manchin is intent on putting a big-name coach in place and has interest in Alabama coach and Marion County native Nick Saban. The Crimson Tide just finished Saban’s first season with a 7-6 record after beating Colorado 30-24 in the Independence Bowl.

We have been hearing for the last week that Saban was in play, at least from our end. The money is certainly there. It wouldn’t be available for any other coach, but Saban? It would be there tomorrow. A Brinks armored car would back up to the front door of the Puskar Center and drop off millions of dollars.

In the end, does this happen? Who knows. Conventional wisdom says no. But at this point, the fact that Manchin is involved in the search process is the ONLY reason Nick Saban’s name is even in the conversation.

[Charleston Daily Mail]


12 Responses

  1. Great picture. At last we can all see how Saban would look with a good teeth bleaching and some Just for Men gel.

  2. Nick Saban???? It would almost be enough to make me root for Pitt…

  3. This just in John “Doc” Holliday has just inked the deal with West Virginia in hotel room before Capitol One Bowl Game in Orlando, Florida. Press Conference to follow game

  4. I have a family member who is close to the situation that claims WVU is making a very hard push for Saban and he is ready to listen.

  5. nick@nite………….we also would get lessons in american history.

  6. I have a family member close to the situation too. Evidently, Gov. Manchin called Saban’s agent to gauge interest. When he was told that the Sabans are happy in Tuscaloosa and that Nick had no interest in the WVU job, Manchin set his couch on fire.

  7. Hey!!!!! What about me? Did I mention that I want to coach the Mountaineers? $36,600 per year and I’m in!!

  8. Terry, that would be a nice supplement to the yearly income you’re still receiving from the last school where you were the head coach. And they will keep paying you until you die. You know too much.

  9. You Bammers are delirious yet hilarious at the same time. Any mention of Saban and you are ready to jump off a bridge. I want this story to keep going because I can just see you at home pacing the living room thinking up redneck jokes for us.

    Then comes old reliable, make fun of us for burning couches. We are proud of that shit until someones car gets set on fire!

  10. I think it is going to happen…..I mentioned it 5 days ago on one of these blogs… is why there has been silence…..

    WVU 83

  11. I don’t doubt anyone’s sources, but I do doubt their information. I will believe it when I see him at the podium with flying WV’s behind him.

  12. dude, heard from a friend of a friend of a friend in the athletic department that RichRod’s leaving because his wife demanded out of MoTown when he got a grad assistant pregnant and stashed her at a hotel in town. any truth to this?

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