Fiesta Bowl Preview (in Haiku)

Our real Fiesta Bowl preview is coming this afternoon (probably just after lunch). Until then, we’re going to serenade you with some haiku, which I’m pretty sure is Japanese for silly poem. Enjoy these, and if you’re feeling spry, add your own in the comments.

OU way too good
Blowout foregone conclusion
Sugar Bowl repeat?

Stewart at the helm
No reason to hold back now
Trick plays a’plenty

Devine, Steve Slaton
Schmitt, Reynaud, Sanders, Pat White
Too fast for OU

Starts at 8 tonight
Kickoff shortly afterward
And drunk by halftime


18 Responses

  1. No Graves, Mack, or Rod
    Some disappointment abounds
    So lets kick some butt

  2. Not drunk til halftime?
    Beer is good for pre-game too
    Mounties whip OU

  3. We hate ex-Coach Rich
    But love White, Slaton, and Schmitt
    Sooners fall again

    Will repeat itself tonight
    Score will be the same

  4. Big East needs a win
    UConn and USF choked
    Let’s go, Mountaineers!

  5. A Fiesta win
    Will exorcise Pitt demons
    Ruin Rich Rod’s day!

  6. Sooner steals a coat
    Store security calls cops
    “Please don’t tase me, bro!”

  7. Mountaineer Football
    One day we’ll hire a new coach
    Throw the effin ball

  8. Jimbo, Terry, Doc
    Next interviewee: Sneezy?
    We don’t want a dwarf!

  9. WVU is great
    Herbstreit, Holtz, Mark May Suck it
    Oklahoma Who?

  10. Bowl trophy beckons
    National Championship shot
    Will keep ’til next year
    Coach Stew’s light-hearted
    His refreshing approach will
    Help players stay loose
    Desert Fiesta
    Mountaineers are all business
    Pat White gets it done
    Haikus on-the-job
    Productivity plummets
    I’m gonna get fired

  11. GlibGlub is winner
    No haiku writers like him
    Go work for paper

  12. You’re too kind, Jon D.
    I can’t explain what’s happened
    Haikus keep coming
    I have not written
    This many haikus since I
    Was in junior high
    Tostitos trophy
    Will look good displayed in our
    Hall of Traditions
    Just way too much salt
    is my complaint with their brand
    of tortilla chips
    And, well, their salsa
    Frankly tastes too ketchupy
    But the bowl game’s cool
    Governor Joe thinks
    Saban should be the head coach
    You keep dreaming, Joe
    Pastilong in charge?
    What’s up with the coaching search?
    Program in crisis?
    Things looking iffy
    Garrison must right the ship
    True fans keep the faith
    Boosters in revolt
    Kendrick donates one million
    Ken, that’s a good start . . .
    Rich in Ann Arbor
    Pitt loss lives in infamy
    Mounties persevere
    Mountaineer mascot
    Hold on to your coonskin cap
    And load your rifle!
    This sure has been fun
    Charley West’s haikus, I mean
    So, same time next year?

  13. Prodigious haikus
    GlibGlub posts, and posts, and posts
    Commenter of year

  14. […] Click here for fun poems from some Mountaineer fans’ — a “Fiesta Bowl Preview (in Haiku)” … a couple of examples: […]

  15. I have to agree
    glibblub is hilarious

  16. Owen Schmitt sheds tears
    TosTito Gonzalez too
    I’m getting verklempt

  17. I love you glibglub
    It is after one a.m.
    You still make me laugh

  18. Attack of the Post-Game Haikus (I promise, no more after these):

    Game time approaches
    Anxiety level spikes
    Waiting’s the hardest
    Umm, Frankie Valli?
    Odd choice to do the anthem
    Oh, say, can’t you sing?
    Pat McAffee kicks
    A 50-yarder sails wide
    Inauspicious start
    Defense awakens
    Wicks and the seniors
    We’ll miss them next year
    Slaton pulls hammy
    Noel Devine takes the field
    Seamless transition
    Where was Steve Slaton?
    The question of this season
    He deserved better
    Pat White runs and throws
    Jump-starts next year’s Heisman run
    What a fine young man
    McAffee kicks two
    field goals and makes awesome punts
    Redemption is sweet
    Owen Schmitt rumbles
    Running off into legend
    A fitting swan song
    Bob Stoops goes for 2
    Inexplicable onsides
    kick seals Sooners’ fate
    White to Gonzales
    Seventy-nine yard TD
    Do that more next year!
    The Fiesta Bowl:
    Come for the football and stay
    For the penalties
    Devine takes it in
    Our longest run in a bowl
    Explosive offense!
    Fiesta shocker
    Forty-eight to twenty-eight
    ‘Eers over Sooners
    OU and its fans
    Are not too fond of Glendale
    First Boise, now this
    Owen Schmitt sheds tears
    TosTito Gonzales too
    I’m getting verklempt
    On the message boards
    Classy OU Sooner fans
    Tip hats to the ‘Eers
    This team held the rope
    Quite unlike Rich Rodriguez
    Fiesta Bowl Champs
    Loveable Coach Stew
    Takes the reins of the program
    I sure hope this works
    Let’s capitalize
    On success and reach new heights
    Let’s go, Mountaineers!

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