On Location: Must. Drink. Responsibly.

This will be the second consecutive WVU sporting event we have watched at the utterly implodable Charleston Civic Center. (If you’re wondering, it’s the giant piece of crap in the picture above.) Last Saturday’s Oklahoma game didn’t end too well, so let’s try and stop the losing streak at one.

If you need me, I’ll be at the $12 tailgate buffet and, more specifically, the cash bar. Nothing says fun quite like a cash bar (actually, an open bar does, but hey, they probably knew I was coming). Luckily, they have projection and flat screen televisions, and all the sports bars around Charleston suck, and I like to watch the game with other people, and yelling expletives at the top of your lungs just doesn’t have the same effect if children aren’t around, and did I mention there’s liquor?

So that’s what we’re doing. The nervousness is just setting in. Actually, the coaching search did it’s job in properly distracting me until today. I imagine, though, that it’s going to get pretty crazy between now and gametime, what with my nervous drinking habit and all.

If it gets too crazy, just remember: the safe word is “bubble-screen.


105 Responses

  1. Oh, God, that national anthem! My ears, my ears! Make it stop!

  2. Here comes kickoff. Someone hold my hand.

  3. Good first defensive stand. Pat needs to be more accurate with his throws, though. Gotta throw to run.

  4. Defense is eye-watering so far.

  5. Good second stand too. Scary penalty on the OU punt. Thought we roughed. Awesome return by Rivers!!

  6. Cheap shot on Slaton . . . Shades of Major in last Fiesta?

  7. First blood. Would have preferred six, but nothing to sneer at. Hopefully the D can continue what they started.

  8. An ugly breakdown on special teams. That’s not good. Keep them out of the zone, D!


  10. Interception! I am LOVING this defense!

  11. We have GOT to throw successfully on first down.

  12. 3 more. Offense looking a little better. But we. Need. Touchdowns.

  13. Does Fox not have a sideline reporter? I’d like to know about Slaton’s condition.

    And can we please get better coverage on kickoffs?

  14. Looked like Pat had Jalloh all alone and streaking toward the end zone on that last 3rd down, but he threw to Devine and was too high. I still love ya Pat!

  15. Agreed. No one near Jalloh.

  16. Lamest sack ever, but the defense continues to impress.

  17. Wow. I’m speechless (in a good way)

  18. Bradford just folded. What was that?

  19. I’m Sam Bradford, freshman quarterback. Touch my left side and I collapse to the ground.

  20. 10:14 into the second quarter and crack Fox broadcasters finally note Slaton is on the sidelines with helmet off.

    Didn’t get a good look, but thought Reynaud should’ve caught that 3rd down throw.

  21. Again with the kickoff coverage. Finish those tackles, guys. Thanks for the illegal block though, OU.

  22. STUPID! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Can’t be giving them yards!

  23. Mundy with the late hit out of bounds. I just live in fear of those. And another personal foul on top of it! Oh, the humanity.

  24. What the heck is this Jumper graphic Fox keeps using?

  25. I could not be happier for Owen Schmitt….

  26. Run Owen, run!

    The Legend of Owen Schmitt just grew substantially.

  27. Me too, 1980. What a great story he is. Nice set of wheels to finish off that long run, too. Give that man some oxygen!

  28. What a run! OU is focused on everything P. White. Great call

  29. Yeah, Owen is the hero of all us high-school second-stringers.

  30. Wicks! So close to the pick.

  31. Never really bought that our defense was this good. I’m starting to believe, baby.

  32. Terry Donohue: “Steve Slaton has been out of this game for a long time.” Der!

    Ball security, Noel!!

  33. Doesn’t look good for Slaton

  34. Oh, wow. Am I dreaming?

  35. Pat to Darius. That’s a beautiful thing. Shock the world, baby!

  36. Yep. I think we’re getting the world’s attention.

  37. Did the Sooners listen to Frankie Valli butcher the national anthem? That may have adversely affected their equillibrium.

  38. Great TD.! Note comment from Fox announcer. OU focusing on P White!

  39. I sure affected mine

  40. I. AM. IN. AWE.

  41. Wow! What a defense! Stuffed!

  42. Oh, if Pat cuts outside on 3rd down, he picks up the first down, and maybe more. Again, still love ya, Pat.

  43. Too bad about the block. But 20-6 at the half. I’ll take it! Can we just call the game now and go home?

  44. I’ll take it, too. We’ve kept OU out of the end zone. That’s pretty amazing in and of itself. I’m most happy.

  45. I hate when someone says “University of West Virginia.” Thanks, Corporation of Fox Broadcasting.

  46. Oh, gag, they did it twice. I guess I need to change my handle to UWV1980.

  47. I don’t know what formation the OU band is in, but it looks a little like the American Bandstand logo. Now they’re playing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” After all we know about Jacko, well, I just wouldn’t invite bad karma by playing his stuff.

  48. Inspiring story about the University of San Franciso team. Not your average ESPN tear-jerker. And Morgan Freeman exudes class in everything he does.

  49. This broadcast is missing something. Hmmm. I know, not enough Americal Idol promos!

  50. This first possession of the 2nd half will tell the story

  51. Terry Donohue just talked about Pat White’s “beautiful legs.” Easy there, Terry.

  52. Well, let’s see who made the best haltime adjustments.

  53. 3 and out. Not the end of the world.

    That’s some goooooood punt coverage.

  54. Pat has to hit those open receivers. His legs may be beautiful, but his arm needs to be beautiful, too.

    C’mon, D, let’s see more of that first half dominance.

  55. Scooby Doo and the gang shilling for Direct TV. Is nothing sacred?

  56. Looks like the D is a bit back on their heels. Not good.

  57. Uh-oh. The Foxsters are right about rolling out the quarterback. They are moving it on this drive.

  58. Oh, no. Dingle is down.

  59. Shake it off, Johnny Dingle.

  60. Another stand with a big assist from OU’s penalties.

  61. Can you believe that non-call?!?!?!?!?!

    Oh, well – kept them out of the end zone again.

  62. They had Dingle’s jersey AND face mask!

    Just keep kickin’ those FG’s, Sooners.

    Meanwhile, we have the only TD of the game. Let’s get us another, please.

  63. My bad, we have two TD’s. Still, more please.

  64. Jock, Jock, Jock. You gotta haul that one it on 3rd down. You’re breaking my heart.

  65. That was safety!! Are you kiddin’ me? Can that play be reviewed?!?

  66. That’s what I thought, too, but everyone seems to think touchback is the right call. Don’t have an NCAA rule book handy, damnit.

  67. Damn. Touchdown OU. We gotta answer.

  68. Worst onside kick ever. Thanks OU!

  69. THAT’s how you answer! Great drive engineered by Pat White; great run by Devine.

  70. And Owen Schmitt made the key block. What a stud.

  71. OU’s penalties are saving us. Kick coverage has to be better.

  72. Pat White. Darius Reynaud. TD! Almost Heaven, just one more quarter to go. . .

  73. The interference call on Lewis at the end of the 3rd qtr was chicken$#!t. The DB is as entitled to occupy a spot on the field as the receiver. The receiver ran into him, not the other way around.

  74. Pat White!!!!!!!! Tito Gonzales!!!!!!!!

  75. You know, Pat White has no passing game . . .

  76. Don’t cry, Tito. Your new nickname is TosTito! Way to go!

    (Is the play calling this stellar because with RichRod gone, Calvin is unleashed? Or is this Stew’s influence?)

  77. Is this another late hit? Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

    Oh, it was a face make. OK, then. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

  78. Stupid penalties!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  79. A double decker foul again!! The secondary has to stop these idiot penalties! Don’t give it away!

  80. I won’t turn down another long TD strike, but it would be nice to grind it out and take time off the clock.

  81. Ohmigod. Is Noel Devine human?????

  82. Awesome. What was I saying about taking time off the clock?

  83. C’mon defense. Get your first half mojo back!

  84. And there’s a beauty shot of Stew blowing his nose. . .

    Honk! Honk! Gotta love Stew. . .

  85. Wow. The yellow hankies are really flying now. It may be 2:00 am before this game is over.

  86. Victory is getting close. . . I can almost taste it . . . So tantalizing . . . Is it really happening?

  87. I choked up at that shot of Vaughn Rivers hugging Coach Stew. This is amazing. It’s a great day to be a Mountaineer.

  88. Mountaineers everywhere, we kept the faith, baby! Let’s enjoy this sweet BCS victory over a storied OU program! But stay the heck away from my couch, all of you!

  89. I wish I could be in Sunnyside tonight. Hmm, it’s about a 4 1/2 hour drive from here – wonder if the celebration will still be going on when I get there if I left now?

    I hope that post-game interview with Owen Schmitt is on every network all day tomorrow. What a story. Hollywood couldn’t do better.

  90. Observations/questions:
    1. Someone must write a song called “The Ballad of Owen Schmitt.”
    2. New nickname: TosTito Gonzalez!
    3. Was the play-calling stellar because with RichRod gone, Calvin was unleashed? Or was it Stew’s influence?
    4. Is Stew a head coach candidate now? Is Calvin?
    5. I must take personal credit for this victory. I was rocking my lucky Sugar Bowl sweatshirt.
    6. What a great acceptance speech by Stew. I love him more by the minute.
    7. Reed Williams, a native West Virginian wins defensive MVP! Could this get any better?
    8. Pat White, offensive MVP! Please come back next year. And he puts in a plug for Stew!
    9. Given the adversity, is this the best WVU ever?
    10. Someone send a memo to Fox: It is NOT the University of West Virginia.

  91. Correction to #9: Is this the best WIN ever?

  92. Pat White has said he’ll be back next year.

    I want a recording of the Ballad of Owen Schmitt, as soon as it’s written!

  93. I’ve never been more proud to be a mountaineer! Owen Schmitt – come on down to NC and I’ll buy your the best dinner in town!

  94. OK one thing I disagree with-Owen said ALL the nation was colored in red except West Virginia on the pregame predictions. I have to say-even though I currently live in GA there was a huge “Blue” circle over where I live— we definately believe! Love my ‘EERS!!!!!!!

  95. Wow. Best WIN ever! Gets my vote anyway.

    Cannot wait to hear how things were in The Morg after this!

    Those guys fucking played their hearts out.

  96. Rich who?

  97. MUCH bigger than Sugar Bowl…GREAT win…

  98. Coach Stewart is great. We really really have to keep him around.

    Great game.


  100. Huge. Great game. So proud of the guys, so proud of Stew, so proud of the state. Any damage Rodjudas did recruiting wise, Owen Schmitt rebuilt with his post game speech and the cut away to Dingle waving the flag in the endzone pretty much sealed it. We’re a great program, we’re going to be fine. We’ve won three bowl games in three years – We just handled a great Oklahoma team. This team is fantastic. Whoever winds up coaching this team? Jesus, talk about a dream job. Can’t wait til next year, until then. Thanks to these kids for a great season.

  101. this is the best feeling! i am so proud. that was a game of pure heart but with a lot of extraordinary skill. i love the mountaineers. i just hope there is still a sunnyside tomorrow.

  102. If I ever doubted how much I love this state and this program, I take it all back after tonight. I swear I didn’t tear up when I watched Stewart going around and hugging everybody, seeing that look on his face, but when Owen started crying…I know that I almost shed tears.
    hey…if Owen can cry, anyone can, right?
    I am so proud of this team…that was awesome.


  104. Stewart Head Coach 08

  105. It is a great night to be a Mountaineer.

    I was with Charley and other friends at the CCC and it was a great atmosphere. Wish I could’ve been in ‘Zona but it was fun nonetheless.

    I want to thank you all for posting so many comments. I love the community on this blog and glibglub your making an early push for “commentor of the year.”

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