It’s A Great Night To Be A Mountaineer!


There are too many words to properly express what happened tonight. This is one of the greatest nights in Mountaineer history. It would be silly of us to make any judgments on our coaching situation tonight. Let’s just enjoy the day, night, game, etc. Truly amazing.

Trust me — tomorrow — we’ll have plenty of words. Tonight? We have only this…

Let’s Go……..Mountaineers!

PS: Your thoughts in the comments….

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16 Responses

  1. Agreed.
    Just for good measure:

    To run is human
    To score td is Devine
    love my Mountaineers!

  2. “Holy Shit we’re good” has never been so spot on. It’s great to be a Mountaineer. This is a great bunch of guys and I’m glad they finished on not just a high note, probably one of the highest notes in the history of our program.

  3. What a great win. I am so very proud of our players. They all mentioned the “State”. They get it. God bless them for that!

  4. It’s a GREAT day to be a Mountaineer!!! I love those guys!!! They were awesome!!!

  5. What a great ballgame! I can’t wait to see the preseason polls for next year, but for now. Wow!

    No matter what, it’s the team that people love and follow and tonight the team came through with flying colors for their fans.

    Owen Schmitt at the end was so touching too. I know he’ll go on to big things.

  6. Almost Heaven, West Virginia….Country roads take me home to the place I BELONG West Virgina mountain mama take me home country roads…

    Schmitt, White have big night
    Team played for West Virginia
    Tears of joy flowing

  7. I go back to the desert in a day but WOW! I can’t be more excited, I saw my brother’s 20 week old beautful girl (still in his beautiful wife). I go back to the desert in a day, my wife hates me and GO MOUNTAINEERS! I love this site! Go Army! I’ll be checking this site every day when I’m over there. Owen Schmitt best post game interview of all time, seriously, I cried. Love you Chris. Bill Stew for HC!

  8. In all my life I’ve never been so PROUD. I’ve been a WVU fan for 30 years. I’m only 31. I thought when we won the sugar bowl, I was proud. I still have the champagne cork, but tonight is the best…just the best feeling. Thank you Mounties. I think 2008 will be great.

  9. Louis Holtz
    You are from Follansbee for GOD’S SAKE! Pick us one time. I won’t be mad. I undersatnd Mark May ( Pitt guy) but come on on the Blue Waves, pick the Weirton Steelers (Mountaineers) one time. I love you but spit your S’es out. Go EERS!

  10. Whether we want to admit it or not, we should give big ups to Calvin McGee for coaching up the offense for the win over OU. Good luck at Michigan coach McGee. Let’s gooooooo Mountaineers.

  11. Thank You Bill, Great job!!!! GO EER’S

  12. Owen almost made me wanna cry in the post game interview. I really am going to miss that dude. I am really proud of our team.

  13. Watching Owen last night, get choked up as the band began playing COUNTRY ROADS, made me the proudest mountaineer ever.

    When a state, a school, and a program can impact the life of a Wisconsin gentle giant, the whole world can see how special WVU is and why we love our ‘EERS so much.

    Thank you OWEN for the love! You are going to be missed!

  14. Congrats to Pat White, Steve Slaton, and the rest of the Mountaineers. Lets hope they stay together for one more year!

  15. Been a Mountaineer fan for all of my 44 yrs. I was a member of the Pride of WV, witnessed a lot of games, but none come close to this fantastic win. Even the Sugar Bowl win pales by comparison. Thank you Mountaineers for showing the rest of the country what we true believers knew all along– that the Mountaineers should never be counted out. Thanks for playing for the “greatest state in the country” as Schmitt put it. You, my man, are the Schmitt.
    By the way, Rich Rodriguez’s punishment he selected himself–he can no longer call himself a Mountaineer. I would take death first. But we also want our $4 million. So pay up, fat face. Then have fun with the underachieving mediocrity that is the Michigan Wolverines.

  16. I have laughed, cried and yelled with these boys for a while now. They deserve nothing but the best and our win over Oklahoma was just that.
    Having Billy Stewart as the head coach proves that we do things differently here in West by God Virginia. It’s not the politics, fame or money. Its down-home, good-hearted people who love and respect the game. Lets rise to the occassion and show em’ one hell of a season next year!
    Gooooo Mounties!!!

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