Screenshots of BCS Awesomeness



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  1. Thats How you Hold the Rope! No one said it would be easy but ya didnt Let Go ! Mountaineers!

  2. According to metronews, the interim tag has been removed.

  3. I can live with it. He has earned the players respect and vice versa. What I’m scared of is the defensive players that are leaving.

  4. Proof positive that the WVU program, even without Rich Rod will thrive and continue……


    Because its a family thing. Rich Rod will never, ever be able to find the magic that is at WVU anywhere in this world.

    Last night I even had HOKIES emailing me telling me THEY were proud of WVU.

    Watching Owen get choked up the moment country roads began playing in the background….thats a mountaineer thing!

    And what a special thing it is to be a MOUNTAINEER!!!!!!!

  5. I am so proud of the Mountaineers and what they did last night. I am proud to be a Mountaineer alumnus.

    Now, Let’s Go Get Our Recruits back on board and Let’s Go Mountaineers.

    Best yet, I have to go to Oklahoma in February or March and you can be sure I will let every one I know about our MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. For about an hour last night, listed WVU as 10-3 and Oklahoma as 12-2.

    Who are the ‘Neers?

  7. Congrats to the Mountaineers. You guys deserved the W.

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