Smilin’ Bill From New Martinsville!

Smilin Bill

As I’m sure you’ve all heard Bill Stewart is going to be named WVU’s new head football coach. He has the support of the administration, the state, and most importantly the players.  Also I can’t take credit for the nickname because I heard it on the radio.

[Hoppy broke the story WV MetroNews]


8 Responses

  1. I’m so happy I couldn’t argue this decision if I wanted to.
    I like it though… I’m interested to see what type of staff he gets and how recruiting goes.

  2. To add a little negativity….This scares me to death. One win does not a coach make. Can he recruit? Can he run a program for 12 months, 2 years, 5 years? Can he take us to the next level? Did the team rally around Stewart, or around Rodriguez leaving?

    My suspicion is that this is a Larry Coker hire. We’ll be as good as we could possibly be for the next couple years, but then maybe slip a little when new recruits have to play.

    Is this the best choice of the easiest choice?

  3. I have never felt this way. So happy that we won, just beyond joy, and so scared that we just made a mistake. I love coach Stewart. He is a class act all the way around and he is what we needed for THIS game absoultely, but is he what we need overall. I am not taking anything away from what he did for us; but you have to admit we were playing with a lot of heart because we had something to prove to everyone. I think we’ll be fine next year, but after that? He knows what’s going on obviously since he’s been on staff there since 2000 or 2001. I can’t even think about it. I am just too happy and want to have my warm fuzzy feeling for a while. We’ll just wait and see what happens this fall. Congrats team and Coach Stewart.
    Let’s Go Mountaineers!

  4. You can not be a top ten program when the Administration, Governor, and Boosters have settled on a Compromise Coach. Good, you now have a coach, but in three years you will be in search of a new qualified coach

  5. Superman’s comment from another thread has proved awfully prescient to this point, including the score. I do hope that this is where it ends, but I’m inclined to agree with Compromised. Perhaps more top-tier candidates will be available at that time. One game is not a resume.

    Let’s see..

    Beat the SEC….check!
    Beat the ACC….check!
    Beat the Big12….check!

    Who wants next?

  6. what impressed me the most is when he said, “if I can’t get the job done, they [administrators] won’t have to tell me to leave.”

    i trust him and this is the best possible coach. a man of his word and a man of integrity.

    good always wins out in the end.

    good choice WVU.

    lets move forward.

  7. We’re thinking with our hearts and not our heads.

    This program should have every head coach in the country lining up for the job. From the looks of the past two weeks it seems that that line is mighty short.
    Why is that?

    All this does is let the administration and the AD off the hook for making the hard choices. Politics as usual.

  8. It was indeed an odd feeling this morning when I heard that Sunny Bill would be given the job. The exuberance of a much-deserved win mixed uneasily with the fear that this hire might be a misstep — a hire made too soon while the intoxication of the biggest win in our school’s history clouds everyone’s vision.

    But after watching the press conference, my greatest fear — that Coach Stew wouldn’t be able to recruit well enough to keep us elite — has been assuaged. With just a few sentences that involved words like “honor,” “respect,” “loyalty” and “family” he showed a glimpse of the power he will have in a recruit’s living room.

    The Larry Coker reference is a good one. Other similar situations are Phil Fulmer at Tennessee, and , interestingly, Lloyd Carr at Michigan. It could be argued that each of those schools’ fan bases wound up ultimately dissatisfied, but only after each of those coaches won those fan bases a national championship.

    Perhaps five years out, this won’t look like a good hire. Perhaps the bad fans will be chartering planes then to fly over the stadium with negative messages in tow. Perhaps by then the glowing joy of this win over Oklahoma will be a faint memory. But if the Mountaineers could take a title in the next two years, wouldn’t that be a fair trade-off? I think I could live with it.

    Further, I think there are two kinds of leaders: those who motivate by making their charges fear them, and those who motivate by making their charges love them so much that those they lead are inspired to give the best effort, to make the necessary sacrifice, to do whatever it takes. In this case, we have traded the former for the latter, and I for one think that it is a very good thing.

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