The Highlights Prove I Wasn’t Dreaming

And one more…

[HT: BC & WVUChrisF]


5 Responses

  1. Good memories. If you liked that video, this one is just as good.

  2. I like Chris F’s video better.

    PS, you weren’t the only one who thought he was dreaming. OU’s coaching staff is still waiting to wake up from their NIGHTMARE

  3. Yep! I agree !

  4. Take a look, Michigan fans.

    We still have what you want.

    You saw it in Owen Schmitt’s face last night. You heard it in the voice of Bill Stewart. You’ve seen it in the intensity of our basketball team.

    You thought you wanted our successful coaches. But you are realizing what you really want is our passion. Not just a passion to win. But a genuine passion to see our guys, and to see one another, succeed. You
    see an entire state showing all the signs of what sports should teach a person. Loyalty, honor, strength in the face of adversity. And you’ve decided to take a short cut. Steal our best coaches so you can
    savor the profound emotion that we share with our teams. Well, it just doesn’t work that way.

    You can spread your cash over every inch of ground between Morgantown and Ann Arbor, ask every one of our coaches to come be a part of the
    storied tradition of Michigan. And what you’ll find is this: the ones who come are not the ones that have what you seek.

    We are Mountaineers !

    And Mountaineers are always free. You may take this as a statement about our liberties,, but “Mountaineers are always free” means something else. Mountaineers can’t be bought. Neither can our
    friendship, our respect, or our loyalty. You’ll not get our best guys with your checkbook. You’ll get the guys that don’t fit in here.

    You have tried to steal the brains of WVU athletics, without realizing it’s our heart that you envy.

    Sadly, you can’t trade your maize for gold, after all.

    From unkown WV FAN ! HOLD THE ROPE !

  5. Those are all great clips. But I’m still mad over certain ill-timed and overly negative comments circulated by the media. I’m going to try and improve my mood by doing something fun. But what? Ooo, I know! Games! Games are fun. Let’s play “What the Booster Said, and What the Booster Really Meant”:

    He said: It’s a sad morning.
    He meant: I had a lotta money on Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

    He said: He is so overmatched it’s not even funny.
    He meant: I am so lacking in class and good judgement it’s not even funny.

    He said: They had a wonderful architect and they hired the painter to build the next house.
    He meant: Rich is such a fine head coach that WVU lost to USF in consecutive years and couldn’t get past Pitt to play for the national championship. That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout, baby!

    He said: I want Bill Stewart to win and I want our program to be successful.
    He meant: I want a new life-size Rich Rodriguez cardboard figure because I ruined mine when I kissed it too hard on the mouth and punched a hole in it with my tongue.

    He said: I feel bad for our future. I’m very concerned.
    He meant: I feel bad for my ego. I’m a massive tool.

    Yeah, that was fun.

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