Brian Jones Is A Special Human Being

In case you’re wondering, Brian Jones is a commentator/analyst/future unemployed member of CSTV. He went on record stating that West Virginia would get “blasted” in the Fiesta Bowl. That doesn’t make him all that memorable since most commentators/analysts said the same thing.

What does make him memorable is his response to a WVU fan’s e-mail earlier this morning. Enjoy.

“Just like all you WV fans, running your mouth and talking trash. You didn’t win the Fiesta Bowl, Oklahoma lost it. If your team would play OU 10 times you would get BLASTED 8 out of 10. I stand by my statement, WVU is a 1 dimensional offense. RUN, RUN, RUN. With a lucky pass that turns into a touchdown, on a blown coverage and another one on a missed tackle. Your new hire sucks, your fans are deplorable, and your university will never be a big time contender for the NC. You and your dislusional [sic] fellow fans can email me all you like, I will never give the football program any respect at all. Seems like evryone [sic, again] is running out on your program, maybe you should do the same.”

Actually, let’s go ahead and mark that entire response [sic].

I find it difficult to respond to this e-mail. Obviously, the man is mentally retarded. That makes it much tougher because it is apparently socially unacceptable to make fun of the mentally retarded. You find that out pretty quickly when you show up drunk to the Special Olympics.

So, instead, I’m going to take the high road and encourage Mr. Jones. Instead of focusing on the spelling and grammatical mistakes, we’re going to compliment him on using his words and making poopy in the toilet.

Good job Brian!

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24 Responses

  1. Wouldn’t expect anything less from this idiot.
    I do wonder what WVU would have had to have done to win this game though…since it’s fairly obvious nobody actually believes that we did.
    Just FYI to these guys: Final score alert! 48-28 WVU.
    (glad I could help!)

  2. Guess what: 2 years from now the only people who know who Brian Jones is are people that watch the WVU fiesta bowl highlights on youtube

  3. Just like all you CSTV analysts, running your mouth talking and talking like people are actually watching. You aren’t really a football expert, you were the only one to apply for the job. If you apply for 10 other jobs as an “analyst” you would get LAUGHED at 10 out of 10 interviews. I stand by that statement, Brian Jones is a one dimensional idiot that SCREAMS loud so people don’t really hear the statements coming out of his mouth. Your appearance sucks, your breathe is rank, and your little show will never be watched by anyone other than your moms. You and your network can keep putting on your little dog and pony show but I will never respect you. Everyone is laughing at you because you feel like you are important, maybe you should laugh along with us.

  4. How can you not respect this man as a legitimate football expert? I mean, with his outstanding grammar and obvious literary skills, what is there to complain about? The true sign of a genius is screaming incoherent gibberish about an entity that you’ve never researched or paid any attention. Charley, how dare you question this brilliant, upstanding pillar of the sports media?

    On a side note, that dude is a fucking idiot and I hope he chokes to death on semen.

  5. He’s a hack who knows he lacks talent and is making a pitiful attempt to stir up some controversy that will lead to bigger numbers for him.

  6. Is Brian Jones even a legit name? It’s so generic that it sounds fake to me. I mean, I know the guy exists, because I was looking at Youtube and stumbled across the Fiesta Bowl “preview” he did with Trev Albert, and laughed at his ridiculous rant. But really, who is this guy? I think maybe Jones was emptying ash trays in the vicinity when somebody on the CSTV “set” decided they needed a Mark May type for their broadcast. “Hey, you with the ash trays! Get over here and act like an idiot on camera for me!” they said to him.

  7. Eh. We won. Suck it. BTW, his initials are BJ. What do you think?

  8. I think if a naked man stood in front of him, 8 times out of 10 he would suck it. Its not because he’s gay, its because the other man is. I love people who talk shit about our program. We’ll continue to smoke everyone’s ass next year also. JT Thomas will be in the lineup. That man will make a huge impact.

  9. cstv? is that like a poor man’s espn?!? (lol)

  10. And when would we play them 10 times? That’s one of those non-threats like “Honey, you know I’d have the baby for you if I could!” Easy to say, because it’s never going to happen. This is one of those people that can’t say (and I’ve met a bunch of them in the past week) “Wow! I was really wrong about WVU – they played a great game. I’m keeping all the addresses of the emails I get slamming the mountaineers. I figure I’ll be able to send a blanket email when we kick tail next year. And I really like Lipsander’s “naked man” analogy.

  11. You shouldn’t curse mentally disabled individuals by associating this asshole with them.

    He is more like this:

  12. Hey! Heshe has NC blue hairbands – THAT’s where is loyalty is!

  13. 48-28… You are a special guy.

  14. Brian Jones is a complete idiot! Why isn’t he on television right now eating crow in reference to his ignorant rants about the WVU Football team? He showed just how stupid he is both before and after the Fiesta Bowl. Why is he even on a sports show in the first place? He obviously doesn’t know a damn thing about football.

  15. Brian Jones has caused me to stop watching all CSTV programing.

  16. Who the hell is Brian Jones?

  17. Brian Jones is horrible. He is biased and knows nothing about the game like he thinks he does. He is a worse announcer than player ,and thats pretty bad.

  18. Also, this dumbass (Brian Jones) picked OSU to win the national championship…..glad to see that pick worked out for him. I believe he stated, ” Ohio State wins this ball game, hands down. They have a chip on their shoulder over what happened last year. They’ll practice their asses off for Ryan Perrilloux because they know he can give them fits. And they’ll do the same for the other guys – Matt Flynn and Jacob Hester. They know they can handle those guys up front. ”

  19. Brian Jones was an original member of the Rolling Stones and he couldn’t hang with Mick and Keith…..he died. Let’s get them over here to take care of this one too.

  20. What is CSTV?

  21. You are obviously blind,dumb and mentally impared!!!!! I’m suprised in all of your stupidity, you had the ability to know that WEST VIRGINIA was a state. That’s right, were not in the western part of virginia!!! Although many illiterate inbreds that know jack shit about the game like yourself sit and talk because that is all losers can do!!!! So let me know when you think your ready to get off your high horse fat ass and see how many dimensions you got!! Oh, I already know that, it’s your fat, obnoxious, and highly UNPROFESSIONAL MOUTH! get a life loser, the whole state of WEST VIRGINIA won. It’s in the book!! I guess you can’t change that loser!!!!!!!!!And by the way, in case you can’t figure it out, WVU really thrives as the under-dog!! THANKS for all of your help with our victory!! See all of you ASS HOLES next year!!!

  22. The real Brian Jones probably made more sense when he was overdosing and breathing Mick Jagger’s pool water.
    Morons like this imitation “Brian Jones” show why all of us in the Big East need to stick together and defend each other (except, of course, when we’re playing each other). You would have beat the Okies nine times out of ten — ten out of ten with a healthy Steve Slaton and officials who weren’t giving yards to the Okies in 30-yard chunks!
    Go Mountaineers (except, of course, when you’re playing the Knights)!

  23. I live outside the state. It is important that we begin to transition our reputation to that of superior programin deed (already there) and word (work needed). I remember as a freshman, going to Penn State for a game….the fans were so nice to us in our gold and blue…..”so glad you could come”, “have some caviar and champagne”, “hope you guys play well”, “enjoy the game”…..and then they kicked our butts, and on the way out “you guys come back now”. This is where we need to evolve. You do not need to trade passion for class… can have both. This episode is another example of us hurting our own reputation. As always it is just a few……but maybe we can reach the few with this message. Let’s be smart about how we represent our state and University. Count to ten before you do anything that you would not want on the front page of the Washington Post with your picture in the by line, and a copy of the paper on your Mom’s fronnt porch. It will pay off in the long run.

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