Assistant Coaches: Apply Within

It is officially basketball season for me but that does not mean I have to stop talking about football. HCBS’s attention is now focused on the search for assistant coaches and coordinators.

It seems as if the early names that are surfacing, from the Athletic Department side, have ties to either the Nehlen or ARR eras. While some of the guys being mentioned are accomplished we need to peak outside those with ties to the school.

While Dunlap may be “respected” in the coaching community to me that is like my mother talking about a girl as having a “great personality.” You know when you finally meet her that she is going to be ugly and fat, with the personality of a dog in heat.The names I like are not original by any means but they are very sexy.

First, I would make Herb Hand Associate Head Coach/Recruiting Coordinator. He got screwed over with Graham brought in Gus Malzahn and would be very willing to listen to what WVU has to say.

Then I would give the young men at Appalachian State a call. Both Scott Satterfield and Shawn Elliot would give the staff an infusion of youth and new blood it needs. While they are both Appy State alums, I would bet they would jump at the opportunity to coach for a national championship at the FBS level.

Next, bring in David Lockwood from UK as the secondary coach. He has built some recruiting ties in the south while working at UK and has some great ties in Big 11 country while working for the Golden Gophers.

Finally, why not take a shot at Mr. Mike Locksley from Illinois. I know I’m dreaming but would it hurt to give him a call to gauge his interest on becoming our offensive coordinator. Patrick White, Noel Devine, and Reynaud would peak a lot of offensive coaches interest.

As I said, none of the names are original but these are my guys.


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  1. What are the odds we make Mike Locksley a “head coach in waiting?” Seemed to work for FSU. Do you think the AD would pony up the dough for some of these coaches? I agree that would a dream team of assistant coaches/coordinators for us, but I think the AD wouldn’t have it.

  2. I like everything you have said except for Mike Locksley. You obviously did not watch the Rose Bowl. Locksley runs a similar offense to RR’s, but it also has similar flaws. They run too much, not setting anything up with the pass, just as Rod did. The way plays were called in the Fiesta proves you can pass out of this offense successfully, and that it will open up the running game.

    Plus it would be a lateral move for locksley at best.

    Why not let Herb Hand and/or one of the Appy state guys have the offensive coordinator job? Then fill the other spots with quality recruiters/position coaches.

  3. What else would you expect besides cheap, GOB hires. Heaven forbid be branch out and look at someone new.

  4. Don’t think that the AD is going to go cheap on assistants. I think there is a real desire to see Stew succeed. I think there will be more money available than some think.

  5. Provocative names. I’m all for calling up Herb Hand. Tulsa’s offense was absolutely potent in the GMAC Bowl.

    Charley, I think you should do a post on the supreme ugliness and ungodly extravagance of the Fiesta Bowl Trophy. Thing looks like the base of a lamp used on the set of Goodfellas, or maybe My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

  6. regarding: demosthenese.or.lock

    Give Locksley credit for improving Juice Williams’ throwing. Juice’s frosh year he completed 36% (let me repeat-36%) of his passes, this past year he completed nearly 57%. HUUUUUGE difference there.

    Illinois possesses neither the WR’s to contest the USC secondary or the Oline to slow down the USC pass rush. Don’t blame Locksley for his team being 2 or so years away from contender status.

    Agreed though on the Locksley-WVU move being totally lateral, I don’t see him leaving Champagne for Morganton.

  7. I’m not sure if Herb will come back. There were some issues when he left, weren’t there?

    What do folks here think about Bill Legg? His offense at Purdue was pretty good, statistically. I would think he might be interested in coming back.

    Tulsa’s offense looked pretty good last night, though.

  8. Frankly, I’d rather have Malzahn than hand. That would be a splashy OC hire if there ever was one. He was fairly creative with McFadden/Mustain/Jones at Arkansas, and obviously did okay at Tulsa. Then again, Steve Kragthorpe looked like an offensive genius at Tulsa and you saw what he did to UL this year. I’m pretty much in agreement with 5thyearsenior though, but without Legg and with Dunlap – as long as Dunlap is a position coach.

  9. Interesting twist on coaches

    From the Press-Register and

    Daphne’s White ‘unquestioned leader’
    Saturday, January 05, 2008
    West Virginia quarterback Pat White of Daphne, fresh from leading the No. 11 Mountaineers to a resounding 48-28 win over No. 3 Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl Wednesday night, attended Tulsa’s practice at Ladd-Peebles Stadium on Friday to reunite with one of his former coaches.

    Herb Hand, in his first year as Tulsa’s co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, spent the six previous seasons as the tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator at West Virginia.

    “We had to recruit Pat twice — once from LSU and once from the Angels,” Hand said.

    Hand said getting White to West Virginia has been a key to that program’s recent success, including this year’s 11-2 mark.

    “Pat is the unquestioned leader of that team,” Hand said. “One of the big reasons he signed with us was because we were going to play him at quarterback. I think he still carries a little bit of that chip on his shoulder of wanting to prove people wrong. He’s just an exciting player.”

    Against the Sooners, White rushed for 150 yards and passed for 176 yards and two touchdowns to earn the Fiesta Bowl’s offensive player of the game honors.

    In the nationally televised postgame ceremony, White lobbied for interim coach Bill Stewart to be named as the replacement for Rich Rodriguez, who took the Michigan job. Stewart was named the Mountaineers’ head coach on Thursday.

    White declined comment after Tulsa’s practice Friday, referring an interview request to the West Virginia sports information director.

  10. Jim Laise at is reporting that both Satterfield and Elliott from Appalachian State “could be” on Stew’s list, but he’s not giving much supporting info on why he thinks so. Lockwood, too, plus a few others.

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