Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoes!


Alright, By-Godders I’m pissed, the shoes are off, and I’m just going to let fly a few things I’ve been holding in the last few weeks.


How in the world can two naked girls stand on the street in Charleston and not get arrested but when I try and pee in public the police make a HUGE deal about it? Ok, so they were mildly attractive girls but I’m a looker too and deserve to be treated with a little more respect.


EAT SHIT PITT! If I could get ahold of Wanstache right now I would put a Bruce Lee style whooping on him so quick he would think his mama waffle ironed his face again.


ARR it is more than a handful of people in this state that hate you, we are not your friends, and West Virginia will be Total Hell if you ever return. If you do return wear a bear suit and be prepared for a whoopin. Actually, if you return I won’t even acknowledge your existence.

#3 Cont.

Who am I kidding I’ll whoop ya.


Finally, I hate Notre Dame with every inch of my 6’2″ chiseled frame, ok 6’2″ lumpy frame. All the major conferences should never schedule them for football and make them join a conference. The fans are snooty, the players are babies, and I hate the color green.

With all this rage maybe I should do the Tough-Man this weekend in Charleston. Nope, I would die in about 15 seconds.


13 Responses

  1. i hate notre dame as much as you ……….. but when they line up against michigan i will be cheering like hell for them. i just want to thank whoever is responisible for this site, i discovered it after the rr fiasco,great info and i get to laugh a little.

  2. by the way , did anyone one else stomach brent mussbugger and steve lavin last night doing indiana/michigan? had to push mute button but did enjoy seeing u of m taking one more step towards losing twenty games this year.

  3. Jeff, I didn’t need to push mute. I just was laughing at every ballwashing comment that made about Rod and Beilein.

    I don’t how to put this any other way, but Michigan is awful. I watched just about every minute of Beilein’s first season here and they were at least competitive. His Michigan team is dreadful. Zero discpline on offense, poor rotations on defense and no heart. It’s tremendous.

    My favorite part of the broadcast was the announcers saying they’ve brightened up the area. Maybe Beilein hoped to blind the crowd from having to watch his crappy team.

    i just wish the Indiana guy finished the dunk at the end of the game than ran over and did a DX crotch to Beilein. He would’ve have become my favorite player. Alas. There are still many more blowouts to come.

  4. Fun stuff. Rivals names Isdaner and HCBS to its All Bowl Team:

  5. I hate the thought of listening to Musberger calling any game. For one…he cant pronounce Appalachian (State)..which makes me cringe…On another note…I was born and raised in WV and now live in NC..Grad of ASU in Boone..So I am a die hard Mountaineer on both fronts. I must say that I love this site. It is on my fav list and I read every evening when i get home from work. Keep up the good work!

  6. 5thyear, put your shoes back on before a non-WV’n sees you and starts perpetuating stereotypes! Meanwhile, end-of-season retrospectives continue to stroke Mountaineer egos:

    Scout / CFN hearts Devine, White, WVU and HCBC.

    And ranks our season at #2 based on their 8 point formula. I won’t argue.

  7. Michigan basketball is showing us a preview of how lousy the football program will be when they try to reinvent the wheel (see Nebraska).

    Shameless plug for something that can change your lives fellow eer fans. Trust me it has worked for me.

  8. […] Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoes! [image] Alright, By-Godders I’m pissed, the shoes are off, and I’m just going to let fly a few things I’ve been […] […]

  9. Just thought I would point you to this simple but AWESOME website.

  10. LOL…now have that site on my favorites. Kind of cheered me up now that I can’t focus my hate on Brian Jones…uh, nope, didn’t work…I still hate him.

  11. Jeff, who are kidding saying you only “laugh a little?” This site is probably the funniest site since:

  12. Most Notre Dame fans only like it ’cause they liked the movie “Rudy.” Yeah – there’s some “class” and “intelligence” for you. And 5thyearsenior – this is the funniest site I’ve ever seen – especially when you all blog during a game.

  13. The Michigan Notre Dame game will be what I call a “Meteor Bowl:” I can’t root for anyone and wouldn’t be too heartbroken if a meteor hit the stadium during the game. 😉

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