First The Mountaineer, Now The Recruiting Coordinator

All of a sudden, everyone at WVU is carrying a gun.

More on the assistant coach hires later today.


5 Responses

  1. Loving life. Holliday, Dunlap, Lockwood, Taafe…
    not too shabby!

  2. Now if we beat Louisville tonight and my wife becomes amorous after that – it could be a perfect day.

  3. I’d settle for beating Louisville. 🙂

  4. Our OC is Charlie Taaffe?

    Says the Daily Mail: “Taaffe just finished his first season as head coach of the Canadian Football League’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats.”

    I don’t know about you, but I am positively reeling from the news that there are such things as Tiger-Cats, Hamilton, the CFL, Charlie Taaffee, and Canada. Seriously, Hamilton?

    I wish I had time to take all this in. Having a job is just a major inconvenience sometimes.

  5. Is this the staff that Stewart said would “shock the nation”? There are guys with a lot of experience, but I’d hardly say this “shocks the nation.” Maybe Stewart’s use of the phrase referred to the final Don Nehlen-led WVU football team that used “shock the nation” as their motto. Afterall, this staff is something of a throwback to the Nehlen days.

    Rightly or wrongly, the only coaching hire that shocked the nation was Bill Stewart.

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