Rockefeller Rips Rod Right In Rear!


In an article in today’s Daily Mail, here, U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller really rips into ARR. I know, I know, get over ARR but you know what, when he is beaten down I will be here to broadcast it to the 5 people that read this blog.

Also, why do we never hear about Rockefeller being hit up for money? He is rich and if he loves this state so much why not give a few hundred million here or there to West Virginia University.


20 Responses

  1. Stewart to have conference at 2pm about coaching hires.

  2. Uh, I’m sure he gets hit up a good bit. And have you seen the new building he’s paying for? That’s a healthy chunk of change right there.

  3. That Standard Oil money is endless. I say give till it hurts. Build the dome that ARR jokingly (?) wished for! Then we might be going to football games at the elegantly named John D. Rockefeller IV Dome over Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium. That’s JDRDMFMPS (pronounced “shu-SHEV-skee”) for all you acronym fans out there. Or maybe just “The Rock.”

    Hmmmm. Obviously I was joking all along, but now that I type it, “The Rock” has a nice ring to it.

  4. Jay does have great points but more importantly it just goes to show you……it’s an election year.

  5. I enjoyed our junior senator taking shots at Rich’s play-calling.

  6. Um, didn’t he (his family) start a center for Alzheimer’s research at WVU after his mother succombed to it?

  7. What’s that got to do with football?

  8. I don’t care about all this “education and research” mumbo-jumbo. I was talking football. We have the Caperton indoor practice facility. I want to see a new Rockefeller wing added onto the puskar center much like Oregon has from Phil Knight money.

  9. How about a giant neon flying WV on top of the law school? That would look great for panorama shots during night games.

  10. How about they tear down the law school and build a new one in the shape of a flying WV?

  11. Rockefeller is a past president of WV Wesleyan College and he gives quite a bit of money to Wesleyan. He and Sharon Rockefeller really brought Wesleyan back to life!

  12. Rocks a good guy, really.

    He has been kind to me on more than one occasion, and he doesn’t know me, nor should he. A little banged up in the back, moves pretty gingerly. Probably in pain more than you would think. Sharp, man is he sharp, and has a tremendous memory.

    He is part of a twosome that every state would envy. Byrd bringing in the bucks, and Rock being the statesman.

    When those two are gone, this state will hurt from the loss.

    Nor sure if Rock saw Manchin throwing his junk all over this ARR stuff and felt he would get in on it, but I bet the Interviewer asked the questions that opened the door for these quotes. He is bullet proof in an election. This isn’t election year rah rah from him. IMHO.

    I am all for Rock remembering WVU Football when he goes to the big caucus in the sky.

  13. Frankly, he should be more involved in the WVU deal. Kind of a missing piece. He is loaded…..he should share that with the University.

  14. He should drop about $200K on me as well.

  15. I hear that he and his family wipe their butts with $20 bills

  16. Ah….gotta love the playing the ol heart strings in an election year bit. Rockefeller may be a fan, but he damn sure isn’t a true Mountaineer. He’s mooched off of us for the last 30+ years knowing while he stays a Dem. he’ll have a job for life in this state just like Byrd. Rockefeller and his family have a nice cushy position with Exxon/Mobil when they bought out ESSO and Standard Oil years ago, and the man brings in more money than one whole county of honest hardworking people will see in ten years just from the royalties he alone gets. While he may be coming to our aid with the whole NimRod situation, he’s never ponied up and helped make this state what it can be. All the factories, jobs, attractions, hell even a theme park that could really roll the economy for the entire state and help all of us that are citizens of this state and make a better life for us all. But, greed in the end is why we get all the scraps, while the rest of our “beloved” leaders here sit in their nice offices with all their money. Damn shame.

  17. Charley and gang,
    You guys have more readers than I do, so I wanted to post this here. I got contacted by a guy from Hamilton tonight, Taaffe IS coming to be our OC. How he found me, I’m not sure.

  18. Aaron – I’ve actually always felt exactly the same way about Rockefeller as you do. However, my disdain for Fraudriguez supercedes my distaste for Rockefeller, so if Jay wants to blast NimRod, I’ll gladly sit back and enjoy the show

  19. Hey, you folks bashing Jay Rockefeller must be too young to remember that when he was governor he busted his ass to get the stadium built after past governors were afraid to take on the fight to replace the very popular, but very run down, old mountaineer fied. And, as he talked about in that article, he really busted it to get the facilities building done.

  20. I was not busting on The Rock, just giving him a good ol’fashion ribbing. I voted for him and like the guy.

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