Thank You, Steve Slaton!

Thank you my friend

Its official and I do not like it one bit, but Super Steve Slaton is entering his name in the NFL Draft.

“I just told my coaches,” an emotional Slaton said. “This is hard for me. But my coaches that knew me best have left. And now it’s time for me to leave.”

Slaton is projected as a second round selection by the NFL advisory committee. However, if he runs a fast 40 at the combine he could jump into the late first round.

Some may question his decision to leave after a bit of a lackluster season, but he is a big time back. With the likes of McFadden, Mendenhall, and Rice leaving early for the NFL, the combine will be what separates the men from the boys. We have all seen what Slaton can do when he is on his game and it is special.

I wish he would’ve stayed for his senior season but I wish him nothing but the best in the NFL. In fact I hope he goes late in the first round to America’s Team, my Cowboys.

[Joe Schad]


10 Responses

  1. According to Papa Slaton, this is all ARR’s fault. Too bad. Good luck Steve Slaton!…ons_future.html

  2. Thanks Steve, you made some plays that will stay with me forever.

    I never will forget that it is the plays on the field that mattered most, not the guy on the sideline taking credit.

  3. Talk about an eventful weekend:
    – Steve enters the draft.
    – Taaffe stays put in Canada.
    – Men’s BB beats Syracuse.
    – QB Jarrett Brown joins the BB team.
    – Women’s BB beats Notre Dame.

    Well, best of luck to Super Steve. Wish he coulda had a blockbuster bowl performance to go out on. (How’d I miss the news he became a father about 14 months ago, apparently? Maybe that’s what happened to the alleged step he lost.)

  4. I wish Steve all the best, but just can’t see how this is a good long-term move for him. His performance is trending downward, and he’s been injury-prone. It would seem that playing one more year at WVU to attempt to turn the trend around would be helpful. But it’s hard to get kids in their twenties (and yes, to old farts like me they are kids) to think long term.

    Not to diminish Steve’s exceptional contributions to Mountaineer football, but I don’t think this hurts us too much for 2008. Noel Devine, backed up by Jock Sanders, can fill the hole left by Slaton. I’m more concerned about finding someone to play Owen Schmitt’s role.

  5. Thank you Steve!!!! You gave us all some great memories (esp. Louisville 2005 and Sugar Bowl 2006!) Good luck, we’ll miss you!

  6. I don’t think this is all that bad of a move for Steve on a professional level. I think he was looking ahead to next season and the fact that with the emergence of Devine, he will be getting fewer carries and less game time. Hence less time to show what he is able to do. Best of Luck, heres hoping you go in the first round, where you belong!!!
    Thanks for the Memories!!!!

  7. I think it is a bad move for us, but a good move for Steve (and Darius as well). I think that both of them have families to support, and you never know when an injury at the college-level will end your pro career before you ever receive that first paycheck. I hope he and Darius (and Johnny Dingle) go high in the draft and get a nice sign-on bonus. Those men have been great ambassadors for WVU and they deserve the best

  8. Good for him…I am happy for him, wish him all the luck in the world, and he will be missed….thanks Super Steve!!!!

  9. Steve knew he would be splitting alot more time this upcoming year with Noel, thus not getting all the reps to rack up some yards. You had a good Wvu career Steve, all the best man.

  10. Mr. Steve Slaton – Thank you for all the great memories you made for all of us Mountaineers. I wish you all the best in the NFL. Good Luck!!!!

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