David Johnson: New Offensive Line Coach

University of Georgia Assistant Head Coach and Tight Ends coach, David Johnson, was interviewed in Morgantown over the weekend and has accepted the job of Offensive Line coach on Billy the Kid’s staff.

Johnson is an original member of Mark Richt’s 2001 staff, and has coached the likes of Randy McMichael, Ben Watson, and Leonard Pope. Before that, he was recruiting coordinator at Marshall, and coached at IUP. Johnson played offensive line for WVU from 1979-1983.

Although Rick Trickett would obviously be the dream choice as OLine coach, Johnson is as good a 2nd choice as WVU can get. Georgia has won 72 games in the 7 years Johnson has been at UGA, and Johnson has been around one of the PREMIERE head coaches in football, in Mark Richt.

I haven’t been able to uncover what recruiting areas for which Johnson was responsible, but his history as recruiting coordinator at Marshall (when they were actually decent) makes me optimistic.

Let’s hope he has strong deep south recruiting ties, which is an important recruiting ground to maintain with the new staff. Pacman Jones, Chris Henry, Darius Reynaud, and Pat White all came to WVU from SEC country. (GA, LA, and AL, respectively)

Let’s also hope he brings this Georgia tradition to Morgantown, too.




10 Responses

  1. He’s from Shitsburgh so he will probably recruit up there.

  2. That pole vaulter could probably kick my ass but she is now in my 5!

  3. The juxtaposition of the ring girls and the Georgia girls is just unbearably sad. . .

  4. That pole vaulter is Allison Stokke, who does not have any affiliation with Georgia…. except that she looks amazing in red, black, and white.

  5. That’s enough for me. Hater.

  6. Hey, have ya’ll seen this re stolen or destroyed files?


    Not as interesting as Georgia babes, but…

  7. The picture is not David Johnson. It is vanHalinger the weight and strength coach of UGA.

  8. I like this hire alot….I would say Western PA would be good ground for him to cover, but we really do need someone to take care of the gulf coast area.

  9. Thanks for changing the picture to Dave. Good job.

  10. Good job for noticing and correcting Donna. You would know his picture, wouldn’t you?

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