ARR Files Response

ARR had until Friday to file a response to WVU’s declaratory judgment action and he has done so. His response was to simply ask for the case to be removed to federal court. In my opinion, it is really a stall tactic to give them more time to ultimately realize that he is screwed and owes WVU $4 million.

Pay up bitch!

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Actual Response


10 Responses

  1. No, the tactic (and it’s a smart strategy) is to get it out of West Virginia. He could never find a favorable judge (or jury if it goes that route) in WV.

  2. If his residence is still West Virginia, and assuming he was served in West Virginia, I’m not sure how he’s going to get it out of state court.

    Then again, I’m a buffoon.

  3. Don’t know of it’ll work and I’d be happy if it didn’t – but that’s the thing. His saying that his residence at the time was Michigan. That’s a joke.

  4. No shit sherlock. Of course, he wants the case moved out of state court. That is why he filed for it to be REMOVED TO FEDERAL COURT.

    I don’t think this tactic will actually work, which is why I, the legal scholar that I am, see it as a stall tactic.

    Posturing by both sides will continue until the case is settled for around $3 million.

  5. My anger towards ARR has my shoes constantly unlaced ready to let go on anyone. So R you just got a shoe thrown at you.


  6. My thoughts are this, I reside in Mon county, I pay taxes and vote in Mon county, since Rich Rod’s children are going to school in Mon County, but him and Rita are allegedly Michigan residents, where the hell is the bill from Mon County Schools to Rich Rod, so that we can get the taxpayer’s money back into Mon County for paying the expenssis of putting alleged non-Michigan residents through our schools?

  7. Removal Granted… I don’t think WVU’s attorney, Tom Flaherty, seems too worried about the change of venue.

  8. Even if the case is removed to federal court, I don’t think it will get it out of WV — more than likely the case will just go down to Clarksburg (fed district court). I think he’s screwed either way.

  9. Perhaps because it’s moved to the U.S. District Court in Clarksburg 😉

  10. All I gotta say is that copier at the courthouse is a disgrace.

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