The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (1/16/08)

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown, presented by Heineken Draught Keg.

Try shotgunning that shit.

What you (may have) missed:

Video(s) of disinterest:

  • What will happen if you try to shotgun a keg. And you’re a redneck.
  • As misinformed as this young lad may be, I have a feeling Rodriguez is just as in the dark (I apologize for not being able to embed it, but don’t hold that against the video).

What to watch:

  • Rutgers @ Syracuse (-16.5) — Hmm, the flaghship schools of New Jersey and New York… Meteor, anyone?
  • Cal State Northridge (-9.5) @ UC Riverside — How did both of these schools survive the earthquake? How ballsy am I to make a joke about an earthquake 13 years old?

7 Responses

  1. My only comment on Filegate is: Was Rodriguez and the WVU athletic department the only place in the world that doesn’t use computers? It’s 2008, does anyone else find it odd that WVU football has not figured out that computers exist? why would so much information be kept in paper format only?

  2. I think that Dusty, the computer guru of WVU that went with RR to AA, had some hand in all of this. Probably wiped RR’s computers hard drive, and helped RR destroy personal, or what RR thought was personal, files.

    RR’s agent only says that the school should have records elsewhere, that RR’s files weren’t the only ones. Meaning: Yes, RR shredded a bunch of stuff, but you guys should have had copies.

    RR is guilty as hell over this, but my belief is that Dusty will take the fall, HARD.

  3. I think the better question is why RR found it necessary to spend time in his office destroying files after he accepted Michigan’s offer and gave notice of his intent to resign. Assuming, for the sake argument, that these files were indeed duplicative, why would a highly compensated individual, with limited time, and in the midst of relocating his staff and program to Michigan, want to spend any time at all destroying files? People who make $2M/year do not shred their own files unless they have something to hide or harbor some other nefarious motive.

  4. I’m disappointed with the way RR left his alma mater. He could have handled it with better class, but was probably driven by being pissed off at someone in the athletic department. However, I think the obsession with ‘filegate’ is bordering on overkill (not jsut thsi site, but all the sites). If the player files (paper or electronic) were only kept in RR’s office, then the university has some problems of its own. If it turns out that copies of all the player files can be found in other places, then WVU is going to look a little petty on this.

    Bill Stewart is bringing stability to the program and has some pretty decent assistant coaches coming in. On top of that, wWe’ve got a decent BB team playing these days (actually 2 of them – men’s and women’s). How about celebrating the good things going on and let RR settle into a Michigan anonymity?

  5. I imagine the IRS will find the answer to what motivated RR to destroy files. Ve have vays to make you talk, old man. BWAAHAHAHA (rubbing hads together eviilly)…BWAAHAHAHA.

  6. I once worked in a bank. Biggest shit job of the universe. Any time someone gave notice in the bank, no matter how low on the shit pole they sat, security escorted them to their desk, watched them gather their personal belongings (which the bank considered to be only truly personal stuff–like family pictures, coffee mugs, why it sucks working in a bank quote-a-day calendars, etc.).

    Why would any business entity, especially an entity with a $4M clause hanging in the balance, let a guy who left with the animosity that RR left with clean his office out on his own?

  7. What Bazzardbilly said.

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