Media Calling Out The Spaniard

The morning papers were full of news and opinions on Rich Rodriguez. Rodriguez was still just full of himself.

Former Rodriguez supporters, Bob Hertzel and Dave Hickman, along with Ann Arbor News columnist, Jim Carty, are among the list of media members fed up with Rodriguez dancing around the truth sombrero.

And the Daily Mail decided to go FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) all over Rodriguez’s asno.

Of course, Rodriguez would have you believe IT’S ALL LIES!!!! ummm…..Hello? Kettle? Yes, this is the pot, you’re black.


9 Responses

  1. I would like for the media to inquire at Easy Ed Pastilong’s office whether our illustrious ex-coach was found to be having an affair with women’s soccer coach, Nikki Izzo-Brown. They might receive an interesting answer….

  2. I want to hear from a Mr. Ken Kendrick. I imagine he will likely say that it is a shame that WVU would stoop to this kind of low, that it is common practice for coaches to take their files with them, that he feels uncomfortable giving large sums of money to a school that would do this to his boyfriend, blah blah blah

  3. Amelia throwing down! I agree throw, it’s funny I haven’t heard much about how bad EP is, or Garrison. The truth shall prevail!

  4. I can only hope Michigan alum and the world’s crustiest newsman Mike Wallace gets interested and starts poking to find the bottom of this mess. Now that would be worth watching.

  5. You guys are nuts. The whole “phones calls” issue; 1) you are allowed to call recruits during the dead period, just not visit them, 2) the 112 phone calls – were to his voicemail. LOL.

    Stop harassing his family and vandalizing his house. It just gives the state a worse reputation.

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    You may be allowed to call recruits but only once a week. Had Michigan coaches called the same recruits as Rod that week? If so, that is a recruiting violation, whore.

    What was your point with the 112 calls? Oh yeah, you’re an idiot.

    If people harassed his family that was dumb but we didn’t vandalize his house. We just wanted to help him decorate for Christmas…DUH.

  8. 1) I just thought I’d point out a couple of non-UM bloggers who believe this whole thing to be more than a little unbelieveable.

    “Although Coach Rodriguez is the target of some accusations out of Morgantown that sound more than a little implausible, it appears pretty clear that he remained at his alma mater (despite being tendered a lucrative offer from Alabama last year) because he was given promises on which his employer failed to deliver.”

    “…a perfect, perfect story of petty vengeance and half-baked allegation that…is a promising early sign of an eventful, contentious offseason – appears to be dissipating. Alas, it was inevitable, but even as some Michigan papers call on Rodriguez to apologize for shredding papers of unknown content or importance before his hasty departure from Morgantown, others are pointing out that WVU players’ academic files are `secure’ (thank god!) and the West Virginia reporter that borke [sic] the story goes on record to say, “I’ve known Rich for a long time and I don’t think that there’s anything in those files that incriminates anyone in any way regarding anything.””

    2) 5thyearsenior, the obvious implication in the article re: the phone calls is that the 112 calls to some unknown number were suspicious. The fact is that the implication was uninformed and misleading. Is this what passes for investigative journalism these days? Or perhaps they did know that these calls were to a VM inbox, but decided not to share that fact. Either way, a nice example of yellow (or at least yellow-ish) journalism.

    3) Let’s review the facts: RR was at his office in the middle of the day cleaning it out. People saw him do this. Nobody stopped him from shredding anything. An anonymous witness states that he may have been shredding documents of great significance, but we’ll never know because he shredded these documents of potentially great significance. He had visitors throughout the day as he was cleaning out his office. All academic records are secure. Nobody has stepped forward with allegations of specific items that are missing, only with a list of potentially incriminating documents that may be missing.

    What the article doesn’t clearly state is that these documents could just as easily have been meaningless, triplicate copies, or personal notes. I’ve heard people use the adage that “where there is smoke, there is fire.” The real question is, “Who started the fire?” My impression (and those of the esteemed bloggers above) is that some folks in the AD got a little crazy with the gas can and matches.

  9. Hahaha. That was good. Sadly it just made you look more stupid. Decorate for Christmas? Yea, like someone will buy that. Keep it up if you want, its only going to hurt your school and your state in the long run.
    O my, looks like you are also losing the media war….

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