Leave Rich Rodriguez Alone!!!


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  1. Perhaps we should leave him alone. I mean the season is over, the team regrouped and won in fine style and things are gonna be okay. The sun is out and there are decent movies at the Warner and it’s basketball season. I guess there comes a point where anger over ARR is more than ARR is worth. And making fun of his wife…well… a bit tacky, eh?

  2. Making fun of his wife is always blog gold!

  3. ~c: An admirable and honorable suggestion. I predict it won’t go over too well. Myself, I may be just about ready to let it go. Or maybe it’s Friday and I’m just tired. Who knows? I’m not making any promises. One more new outrage and maybe I’m right back at it.

    But before I bow out (or not), one last thing: If anyone associated with The Pride of WV is reading this, I have a suggestion. Someday, we may meet Michigan in a bowl, or even put them on the schedule, that is, if people on both sides are foolish enough to consent to putting WVU fans and UM fans in the same stadium at the same time. If it ever happens, it’d be great if the band was ready with a formation that mimics a shredder in action. Tricky, but doable, I would think. Get to work on that for us, huh? Thanks.

  4. Oh, and for musical accompaniment, John Hiatt has a song called “Shredding the Document.” Most people never heard of Hiatt or this song, so that’s probably too subtle, but it’s all I could think of.



    Classic. haha

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