Stewart Mandel….SCHALAP!!

Shoe to the face

Stewart Mandel has written a pretty scathing article about WVU fans, here. It pissed me off, I took off my shoe and here are my reactions. Editor’s Note: 5thYear did not think before writing this tirade

  • Mandel states that Michigan is hotter and sexier — NO! Michigan is the high school prom queen that never left town and is now fat, raising six kids and is married to a local meth-head.
  • Mandel thinks Rod heard about lawsuit on ESPN — OK, you got us there maybe we should have have served him at the exact time we filed suit. BUT, the 29th was his first day back in the state after Christmas and we served him at his home in West Virginia to maintain the jurisdiction of a West Virginia court. Also, we never would have filed the declaratory judgment action had ARR not said that he was not going to pay the buy-out.
  • Mandel we are a psychotic ex-girlfriend. — Well, Ann Arbor’s a WHORE!
  • Mandel does not like that we are going through his phone numbers. — We went through them to see if there were any recruiting violations and if there was contact with Michigan prior to the Pitt debacle.
  • Mandel, why quote the Toledo Blade, that was a total fluff piece set-up by his financial adviser. Give me some hard hitting questions.
  • Mandel again brings up the bullshit notion of tradition. — Does that help you win football games? Obviously not since Michigan lost to Appalachian State. With all their money, boosters, facilities, and tradition how many national championships have they played for over the last 27 years? WVU has done better with less and can obtain “big-boy status” with a few more years of Big East dominance.
  • Mandel, states the Big Eleven is a good conference — In what world are you living in. Did you not watch the bowl games or the regular season. Good lord
  • Mandel you are not from this state so you will never really understand what it is like to be a Mountaineer and what loyalty really means to us.

After saying all that Mandel is right. It is time to move and quit treating this like some Days of our Lives soap-opera.

We have a new coach and a team that can compete for the national title next year. Get behind HCBS and this team and leave the asshole in Michigan alone.

Karma’s a bitch and she BITES.


24 Responses

  1. “Mandel we are a psychotic ex-girlfriend. — Well, Ann Arbor’s a WHORE!”

    GENIUS! (you forgot the copyright symbol next to that zinger, with a shoutout to tOSU circa 1970.

  2. Bravo. But I will never let it go. I remember the Alamo, I remember the Maine, and I’ll remember what RIch Rod. I forgive, but I don’t forget….and I don’t forgive.

  3. anything to get attention………………..

  4. I agree WVU you stop making things public in any way that could be considered underhanded (leaks, anonymous sources, etc.) where RichRod is concerned but for entirely different reasons.

    Continuing to make it public only makes it possible for RichRod to look like a victim and be treated a little more nicely at his new job. Let them find out when the legal shit settles just what they’ve gotten ahold of. Let him save his self-martyring schtick for his first loss to tOSU.

  5. Opinions here and opinions there. I am getting a little tired of hearing all the BS from our Athletic Department myself. I actually agree with parts of the article. There is no way that Rich Rodriguez should have left. WVU will learn the hard way that Rich Rod should have had an open check book. In my OPINION he left because he wanted to run an ELITE PROGRAM and WVU IS (might be WAS) on the verge of becoming an elite program but still had many things to do make the final step and I think Ed Pastilong, Parsons and Garrison did not want to hear it any more. Maybe Rich wanted to move too fast , but finally got tired of being stone walled. There is way more to “this story” and we will probably never hear it. I definitely think that as long as Ed “Good Ole Boy” Pastilong remains our AD we will be a second rate athletic program.

  6. It’s a transparently desperate attempt by Mandel to try to cash in on this and gain some readership. It’s a half-assed response to Jim Carty’s excellent piece in the Michigan paper.

    Obviously, the thing Mandel doesn’t get: THE BACKLASH IS AGAINST FRAUDRIGUEZ, not WVU, EVEN IN MICHIGAN now.

    Wake the FU*K UP Mandel! If you’re going to write about something current, at least make it LOOK LIKE you know what’s going on!

    Get real, people. RR is finally exposed.

  7. On second thought, thanks for the heads up WBGV. I’ve just made Mandel my first Bigot of the Month.

  8. I agree on stop making everything public. It is making us, WVU and the state, look bad. We are just helping RR look more like the victim instead of the asshole he is. We have got to accept there is more to the story than we are hearing (Pastilong). It is over and all we can do now is hope for the best and that Coach Stew is ‘The Man’ we are all hoping for!!

  9. Mandel is an idiot. Of course, he would be, he’s a sportswriter for a glossy mag that hasn’t been all that relevant since the birth of the internet. But because he’s published he thinks his opinion counts more than any other and because he knows, as all columnists do, that sarcastic negativity is ten times easier to write than positive argument he therefore makes use of the royal “we” while waxing mediocre about the state of our fans and our program. There is nothing wrong with WVU fans still feeling the sting. It all happened not even a month ago!

    Also, anyone who still believes the tradition BS is just buying the perception over the reality. It is all relative in the following manner — so what if Michigan has some of the best facilities in the Big 10? We have the best facilities in the Big East, (which I realize may be in large part to Richigan’s efforts). But what are the facilities like at Indiana? Are they any better than South Florida’s or Cincinnati’s? My point: WVU is poised to be relevant, if not dominant, in a BCS conference for a long time to come. I just can’t help but think that Richigan made a huge mistake. I really believe he sat down at that table with Garrison with the intention of bluffing his way into more money, more facilities, more sideline passes (?), and when he got called on the bluff his only option was to go ahead and take the job. Why? Because once you lose a hand like that against the administration (read: your boss), you know you no longer have the biggest rod in the room (chuckle, chuckle) and it’s going to be pretty damn hard to pull that leverage crap ever again.

    One other thing: I don’t have any inside information, so maybe I’m wrong, but why do people, like Mountaineers4ever above, kleep talking trash about Pastilong? He hired Rodriguez, and Beilien…was tutored by one an AD univerally recognized as one fo the best, and last I checked, he wasn’t referring to himself in the third-person while portraying himself as a victim.

  10. Mandel: Love child of George Michael and that Jared guy from the Subway commercials?

  11. Stewart will never know why we care so much about WV and WVU.

    Thats why Stewart Mandel will never be loved.

    I feel sad for him……..really, really, sad.

    Stewart, please call 800-Suicide. Don’t do it.

  12. This guy sucks. I am sure he has plenty of practice getting over things. Just look at him, he is as goofy looking as they come. He must be gay

  13. JP, keep wearing those blinders. If you can’t understand that NCAA D-1 football is BIG business and that Coach Rod was our #1 producer then you are truly clueless. I would have much rather done WHAT EVER IT TOOK to keep my #1 producer than to venture into the great UNKNOWN with an unknown. You must be young or not a very good business person.

  14. The only constant in college sports is the coach. Sure, college is BIG business, but it is also not PRO sports.

    The only pro on the job is the coach.

    We lose one, and we all get to realize, if we want to or not, why we are Mountaineer fans, and what makes us Mountaineers. YOU have to answer those questions yourself.

  15. Hey ‘EER-nation!! The bitterness is brewing more than the ‘shine in the still. Original shredded documents only to be found where they are supposed to be. Mysterious phone calls to recruits in Pennsylvania only to be the voice mailbox. Com’ on, you’re better than your hairless buckeye nut neighbors.
    Take pride that the rich tradition of Michigan football was founded by a WV native son, Fielding H. Yost. And when you hear sportscasters call our school “Meeeeeechigan” that’s the ultimate compliment to honor Yost and Michigan.

  16. Mountaineers4ever, we cannot continue to do “whatever it takes” to keep RR. Hey, I got an idea…..let’s just sell our soul to the devil and give RR 10 million/yr. NO coach is worth all the nonsense WVU went through to try and appease that man. He was always going to look elsewhere and I’d rather not go through that year after year. Oh, yeah….by the way… many Nat. Championships did RR take us to??

  17. Elite program? We are an elite program…and as much as some folks might want to bust on Pastilong, WVU’s Sports programs are now #7 in D1 nationally…not too shabby. Maybe RR did want an open checkbook…and maybe he should have gotten more, but my gut tells me he just wanted more for himself and that we’re way better off now. With the staff we’re assembling I’m very confident that the best high school athletes will be looking to Morgantown as a place to call home!

    It is, after all, Almost Heaven!

  18. Mountaineers4ever – Are you saying that no one can replace Rod? Please.

    Look, I was not thrilled with Stewart being named coach, however, there does seem to be a plan in place on how to keep the program on top.

    Let’s at least wait until signing date to see how things look before declaring the program on the downhill.

  19. Stiles, I am not saying he can’t be replaced. But I am saying our Athletic Department is stupid. You ride the gravy train. We were experiencing things which had NEVER been attained in the history of WVU football. Further, every other athletic program at WVU is fed off of the football revenues. If w don’t maintain our current levels in football, every other single athletic program at WVU will feel the effects of it.

    I am tired of the GOOD OLE BOY SYSTEM that has been in place in Athletic Department ever since I have been a Mountaineer.

  20. If you’re planning to jump off the Westover bridge, you might want to do it soon before the river freezes. Actually ,a sheet of ice might make the jump more of a sure thing.

  21. Mitch Albom on RR Controversy

    RR Has Buyout At UM As Well

    MITCH ALBOM: Their Rich Rodriguez mess could one day be ours
    January 20, 2008



    Let’s be honest.

    If Lloyd Carr, early in his career as Michigan head coach, had bolted for another school and a richer contract — as Rich Rodriguez did — if he initially lied about a meeting with that school, if he abruptly left the Wolverines before a bowl, if he informed Michigan of his departure through a graduate assistant, if he informed a prep quarterback prospect before he told his U-M boss, if he shredded files in Ann Arbor, if he took most of the U-M staff with him, and if he owed Michigan a $4-million buyout and had his lawyers working on ways not to pay it — you can bet we’d be angry.

    We’d be flooding radio talk shows.

    We’d be jumping on any negative tidbit.

    Just as they’re doing in West Virginia.

    If Maize-and-Blue loyalists want to lust after a national championship and want the hot coach of the moment to lead them, that’s fine. But don’t be hypocritical. Don’t dismiss West Virginia fans and media as sore-loser crazies.

    Because we’d do the same thing. This newspaper. Our radio stations. Our TV. And our fans. That is how it works now in college football. When you steal a coach, it’s lucky you. When your coach is stolen, it’s trash the guy.

    Personally, I’m not so concerned about what West Virginia thinks of Rodriguez at Michigan.

    I’m concerned about Michigan.

    Words on words

    The fact is, Rodriguez brought a lot of this on himself. He did leave. He did leave quickly. He didn’t exactly handle it in a forthright manner. And by his admittance in a teleconference last week, he did shred some files, although he told the media the discarded papers “were completely useless to everybody.”

    On calling recruits, he said: “I did not call a single … I don’t recall exactly the particular time or how I made the call, but I never called a single Michigan recruit before I resigned as a coach at West Virginia.”

    And on the buyout issue, he said: “I know there’s a lawsuit out there that West Virginia sued me, and I have to respond to that.”

    Well. I don’t know about you, but none of those statements strikes me as comforting. Rodriguez admits he destroyed some files, but says trust me, they didn’t matter. He half-denies calling a recruit, then says it never happened before he resigned — but there is disagreement over when he officially resigned. He acknowledges the suit over his buyout, but never gives a simple answer to who’s paying it and when.

    How would we react if Carr had told some other state: “I know Michigan sued me, and I have to respond to that.”

    I don’t think we’d be talking about what a great guy he was.

    The numbers game

    What bugs me is that Michigan never used to be involved in stuff like this. Since when did it start buying out coaches? First John Beilein with the basketball team. Now Rodriguez. To me, this is a form of legalized extortion. Some other school wants to hire your employee, you demand a payoff. It’s ugly and has no place in a college environment. I wish Bill Martin, U-M’s athletic director, had the nerve to say that.

    And since when did Michigan football start hinging on high school recruits? I have heard more lately about Terrelle Pryor, the Pennsylvania prep quarterback, than I ever can recall hearing about a kid who doesn’t yet have a high school diploma. Is this how we are going to judge Rodriguez? By who he reels in?

    If so, Michigan has jumped in the same mucky waters as many other win-crazed schools, who are only concerned with BCS, not the BS it requires. Some feel that’s what sports should be. They are entitled to their views.

    But Michigan football used to be more special. It was never sullied with departure lies or shredding, because it promoted from within. It didn’t deal with buyouts for the same reason.

    Yet in Rodriguez’s new Michigan contract, just revealed, there is — guess what? — a $4-million buyout clause. And if U-M ever finds itself on the opposite side of that one, we quickly will see how folks around here behave eerily similar to the angry fans in West Virginia.

    The old expression goes “To the victors go the spoils.” But you wonder how much all this is spoiling the Victors.

    Contact MITCH ALBOM at 313-223-4581 or

  22. I like how Mandel gives exclusive credit to Dick for WVU’s success over the past seven years (with a fresh backhand to Nehlen, citing his “failure” to win in the Big East quite like Dick was able to). He conveniently fails to recognize Dick’s success in light of the departure of Virginia Tech, Boston College and Miami (and not the 5-7 Miami…). If Dick had to play those three teams every year until his departure, is WVU still Big East Champions? Do we still get the BCS bid for the 2006 Sugar Bowl? 2008 Fiesta Bowl?

    I have a t-shirt I bought in Columbus that says “Ann Arbor is a Whore.” However, my favorite shirt is one that depicts a Michigan cheerleader on her knees blowing Brutus. Or you could settle for the plain white shirt with “FUCK MICHIGAN” across the chest. It’s plain. It’s simple. It gets the job done…

  23. Stephen, the sure bet used to be jumping off where the railroad track go under Westover Bridge. That way if the fall didn’t kill you, a train would come by and finish you off. 😉 (not you personally. just sayin’)

  24. C’mon! We are talking about S.I. aren’t we? And they are all about subscriptions, right? And basically their subscrips went to hell after ESPN formed and schools everywhere dropped them b/c of the swimsuit issue? Anyway, what do you want from a “sports mag” that’s one remaining claim to fame is a swimsuit issue?

    Hell, everyone over the age of 13 knows SI is about entertainment, not sports reporting.

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