Here We Go Again…

Well, the saga continues.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which really is the Rodriguez Post-Gazette, says that Calvin Magee was not allowed to stay at WVU, despite his wishes, because he was black.

Of course, this story has national legs now, and is awful for WVU’s image.

If true, this is horrible, but let’s remember two things.

  1. The story was fed to Chuck Finder by Rodriguez’s agent, Mike Brown.
  2. Magee flew to Michigan with Rodriguez the day RR was hired, displaying loyalty to RR and not WVU.

Magee was the perfect choice to promote to HC and keep the program going.  Far better than Bill Stewart.  But, in a time when WVU was feeling betrayed and desired loyalty, Magee flew to Michigan. 

The sad thing is, he was probably the best choice all along, but there was no way Magee was going to get hired once he got on that plane.

However, if race was implied as a factor to him, and I would put nothing past our Athletic Dept., it’s time heads started to roll.  Actually, that time was probably years ago. 

So now WVU is being accused of ignoring the best candidate due to skin color, while hiring a HC who was fired from his only other HC job for using a racial slur. 

What a mess.

On another note, at least one Michigan writer sympathizes with WVU’s side in the Rodriguez fiasco.


23 Responses

  1. Either EP gets out in front of this TODAY, or he will be dead on Monday.

    MLK DAY????

    Anyone think this story will have legs monday?????

    If Eddie doesn’t work on this today, or Monday, the Board of Gov’s at WVU will have to act.

  2. Mike Brown is an A #1 sleazeball. As if that was a news flash. And Chuck FInder is a chump for reprinting what is basically a press release from Mike without questioning the motives behind it. What a disaster.

  3. 1) Is it WVU that is running a “smear campaign” or is Chuck Finder/ Mike Brown? Finder/ Brown throws fresh mud at WVU in every weekend edition of the PPG.

    2) Brown claims Magee was told before Rod resigned that he wouldn’t be considered for the job because he was black. He was supposedly told that by a “WVU administrator who is in a position to know it’s true.” Hmmm. That’s a pretty vague description. But you know one person who fits the bill? Richard A. Rodriguez. At the time he was a WVU adminstrator, a close friend of Magee, and someone “who would know.” Not to make any unsubstantiated allegations, but Rod could easily have told Magee that WVU wasn’t going to hire a black man, so he’d better go to UM.

  4. Face it people, with all the smut that is going on- -WVU is screwed. Look at the recruits going to UM that had verbally committed or gave all indications they were coming to WVU and now going to UM or any other school but WV. This story by itself will hurt the most, but coupled with everything else, we will be back to the days of 2 star and on good days maybe a 3 star recruit.
    I always wondered why Magee never came up on anyones list. Hopefully this is not the real reason!!

  5. I agree with the assertion that the unnamed “administrator” could in fact be ARR. After the way Brown positively helped orchestrate his Dirty Sanchez-ing of WVU’s football program, why would WVU want to deal with him as Magee’s representative? Don’t you think those contract negotiations would be the least bit tense? I could see Eddie P. asking for an 8-figure buyout clause….

  6. Interesting #2 point, Stephen. I had not thought of it from that angle.

    Reading what Magee says about how Pastilong treated him following the Michigan press conference, it seems to add to that. I think the administration looked at anybody going to Michigan is good as gone.

    Also, Mcgee played the whole situation terribly if he wanted to stay at WVU. If he really wanted to stay here, he should have come out and said so. Even if WVU does not hire him, he has the resume to get another job very easily.

    I like how they mention Locksey as well in the story. Let’s follow the timeline with him: First, Locksey says he’s committed to Illinois. Then, WVU contacts him to see if he’s interested while out in Pasadena. He says he is. Now, WVU goes quiet in the coaching search as the Fiesta Bowl gets close. After the Fiesta Bowl, they decide Stewart will be the coach. So, why doesn’t he get an interview? Because they hired a coach, silly.

    Finally, Mike Brown is both scum and a baby. HIm mentioning that Garrison didn’t shake Mcgee’s hand after the Fiesta Bowl made me laugh out loud.

  7. At a time when the University had so much going for it, all we hear about now is the un-professional way this coaching change has played out….at the same time we have a black eye academically over a dubious MBA degree awarded to a politically connected individual. Seems to me the common denominator is new President Mike Garrison. It leads me to wonder how different things would be if Hardesty was still running the show…?

  8. Mike Brown needs to go f**k himself, he is a douchebag and a tool.

    As far as MaGee goes, I don’t care if he is purple with neon orange stripes and yellow spots, he showed WVU where he stood from the begining when he went with that pansy RR to Ann Arbor and was at that press conference, why the hell would we as a university waste our time on someone who never said that he was interested in staying at WVU, much less as the head coach, and has shown his allegience to RR in the national media at those press conferences?

  9. Players like Pat White were close to Magee. Mike Brown is the agent for Steve Slaton and Darius Reynaud. This new fight involving race has got to be more uncomfortable for the current team than any of the previous ones.

  10. Is Rich Rod out to totally ruin WVU?
    Is Rich Rod trying to smear his home state in the muck?
    I wish the cockboxer would leave us alone and go straight to hell!!

  11. The WVU AD office needs to take the bull by the horns… and if they don’t Garrison should. This is a disgrace, but it can be fixed if someone acts quickly.

  12. This is beyond awful if it’s true. As others have said, even if it’s not, this is a disaster for WVU’s image.

    Kids, get out there on the message boards and let America know that WVU already has an African American head coach: LeBlanc of men’s soccer. If our Athletic Dept. is a racist institution, explain that one to me.

    I believe we also had the first female SID in major college sports. So it’s not like it’s still 1850 around here. . .

    Is it?

  13. The problem see is in the following quote from the article:

    Jennifer McIntosh, the executive director of the West Virginia University President’s Office for Social Justice, said her office assists searches “to make sure there is proper reaching out to [minority] candidates,” and she believed this coaching search was “done appropriately.”

    Asked specifically about Keith’s talk with Pastilong pointing out that an apparently viable candidate in Magee worked on campus, McIntosh responded, “Who? I don’t know anything about [Magee].”

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  15. This is outrageous, and such a complete lie. All respect I ever had for Calvin McGee just went out the window. There is no way in hell that any of this happened, Coach McGee was actually at the airport before Rod, and looked to be beeming at that opportunity to coach there. Accordingly, if im not mistaken, Rich Rod was considered a minority hire by the BCA right?

    I hate all of them so much, i could puke.

  16. This should not even be an issue. The fact that we even HAVE a BCA in this country is inherently racist. To say that you HAVE to interview a minority candidate throws us into a socialist state.
    I hate when politics creep into the innocence in sports, but I guess that ESPN & crew figure that we aren’t going to get beat like they keep saying we will, so they have to disparage us in other ways.

  17. As for the fake MBA, that is still under investigation so we don’t know whether an unearned MBA was granted or not. If it was, how could we pin that on Garrison when he has only been the university president for 4 months (I think that MBA was granted close to 10 YEARS ago)

  18. Wasn’t Magee up in the skybox where he’d made calls all game when Garrson went down the line shaking coaches’ hands? Look at the game tape. Celebrations started around 1 min before the clock was out.

  19. “Would I ever leave this company? Look, I’m all about loyalty. In fact, I feel like part of what I’m being paid for here is my loyalty. But if there were somewhere else that valued loyalty more highly, I’m going wherever they value loyalty the most.”

    Surprisingly this quote comes from Dwight Schrute and not Rich Rodriguez or Calvin Magee.

  20. The worst part is, is that this may hit hard with the Aftrican American recruits and I think that’s why it was said. They ought to sue his ass too for the untrue allegations.

  21. I think this shows that Mike Brown and Fraud have run out of ammo. If they shot this volley, they are running very low.

    Calvin should have been smarter than let these two drag him into the fight.

  22. Brown had brownshit all over his nose from ARR ass. Also we didnt give MaGee a shot cause he is a terd!

  23. What do you bet Brown had sold it as a package deal from the start?

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