It’s A Metaphor


With Joe Alexander not playing due to an injured groin, Joe Mazzulla took the Bulls by the horns in the second half and sparked the Mountaineers to victory. 

Huggins tried to spin Alexander’ss absence into a positive, saying he told the team, “at least our turnovers will be cut in half this game.” He was right.

Even though it was against a poor USF team, it was a league road victory, without one of the WVU’s best players, and despite another poor shooting night. 

All wins are incredibly valuable to a possible NCAA trip, even if they’re ugly.  And this one definetly was.

P.S. Smailligan still sucks. 


12 Responses

  1. I’m just kidding…but seriously.

  2. How dare you doubt the vanilla gorilla, the man that owns the paint in such a dominating way, they refer to him as sherwin williams? FEAR THE BALD SPOT

  3. I would argue that the last 15 minutes of the second half was some of the best ball the team has played all year. They were outstanding on the defensive end and played pretty well on the offesenive side.

    Also, I know people were concerned that Huggins wasn’t a great ‘in’ game coach, but the last two games he’s made very good adjustments in the second half. It’s true that neither Norm Roberts or Stan Heath are considered coaching greats, but I take the good second half play as a sign of things to come.

  4. Nobody makes me bleed my own blood! NOBODY!!!
    sorry, I can’t quit with the dodgeball references.

  5. Where’s the shotgun/throwdown?

  6. It’s called the Freedom of Information Act, Kate. The hippies finally got something right.

  7. haha.
    What? Did Nazi camp let out early? What, did you guys skip arts and crafts or something?

  8. Sometimes I like to break a mental sweat, too.

  9. Well, isn’t that convenient for you? And the clock.

  10. where is Charley? who are these other people…??

  11. Relax, relax….Charley is hard at work somewhere in WV today.


    Necessary? Is it necessary that I drink my own urine? No, but I do it because it’s sterile and I like the taste.

    You’re about as useful as a poopy-flavored lolipop.

    What can I say? They just don’t make a “sorry your dodgeball coach just got hit by two tons of irony” Hallmark card!


    Thank you Chuck Norris.

    Pepper needs new shorts!

    We haven’t seen a sudden death overtime since the Helsinki episode of 1919 and I think we all know how that turned out.

    Ok, I’m done…
    MEEECHELLE! (snaps fingers)

  12. I sure do like pumpkins.

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