WVU’s New Offensive Coordinator Is…..

Jeff Mullen

Jeff Mullen, QB coach at Wake Forest, will be named WVU’s Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach, barring any Taffe like break-down, at a Bill Stewart lead teleconference Friday or Saturday of this week. This comes directly from the mouth of Tony Caridi who spoke at a lunch today for the Kanawha County Bar Association.

While this may not be the name hire many people have been hoping for he is definitely an up-and-comer in the college football game. He comes highly recommended by Jim Grobe and could help Patrick develop into a pro prospect at quarterback.

Also, Lonnie Galloway, the WR and Split End coach at Appalachian State, is in serious negotiations to become the final piece of our coaching staff.

YAHTZEE, is all I can say about this hire. If we are able to land Galloway, he and Mullen will bring a new dynamic to WVU’s spread offense in ’08. If I were the rest of the Big East I would be very very afraid.

Wait a second, how can that be? He is not white and according to Calvin Magee we don’t hire minority candidates.


25 Responses

  1. Big and bright, as in what shines down from the sky at night….or the day for that matter?

  2. WTF, man! I look at their bios and don’t seen anything about being a true West Virginian. We only hire WVUers.

  3. This is strong as long as they can recruit. Young guys without ties to Nehlen. What a novel idea.

  4. I dont care if Pat develops into a pro prospect. I just want him to keep on doing what he’s been doing.

  5. A nike dri fit shirt underneath a blazer. I just found my new work outfit. Welcome aboard, Coach Galloway!

    I hope your excellence and outside the box thinking is not just limited to fashion and you can bring some fresh ideas to the football field.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out based on my comment on your shotgun/throwdown post. Can we say SCOOPED? Too bad nobody reads my blog haha. Good hires, though. I’m excited about what they might bring to the table. While we’re divulging inside info, Mike Joseph, who is on the S&C staff at Notre Dame will likely be the new S&C guy at WVU.

  7. You posted bullet points, we have analysis and insight.

    Actually, if you call my incoherent rambling insight I feel sorry for you.

  8. Hmmm, since we don’t hire minorities, someone please explain to me Lockwood and Beatty and their being coaches in our “racist” organization. What it boils down to on that note, Magee is trying to smear our AD for NimRod because he’s pissed he really doesn’t have any chance in getting out of ponying up that 4 million he owes us. Even though we know this is going to drag out for Lord knows how long, the exciting part of it are the coaches coming in if they can agree with Stewart and the AD. Personally, I could give two rats butts if the coaches are from West Virginia or not. All I want to see from them is that they give 100% focus, dedication, loyalty, and effort to help keep us running strong year after year on both sides of the ball and making BCS appearances be it either for the NC or one of the bowl games. That should be every Mountaineer fans hope and wish with our new staff.

  9. I hate the Jeff Mullen hire. I hate it.

  10. Last time I checked, you have a blog at your disposal. Tell us why…

  11. Just trying to cross-reference. You’ve linked to the blog before, and we do the same for you. Or do you have a monopolistic disposition now? JK

  12. I was actually talking to The 25314. Should have been more specific.

  13. That’s actually the extent to which my thoughts have developed. Stay tuned, as I decide why I hate him…

  14. Thoughts developing in the 25314? I thought you people paid others to think for you while you were getting lavish spa treatments?

  15. I’m excited about the Galloway hire. I hope that works out. They’ve built an exciting team at Appy State.

    You guys realize there are five former Marshall players in the Super Bowl this year? I think that’s pretty great too.

  16. I usually try to keep an open mind about things. I’ll wait and see what happens. What style of offense do you think he/we will run?

  17. Lipsander – I figure from watching Wake a bit over the past two years, we will be in the spread offense, but will be throwing the ball more down the road. I believe this hire was made not with Pat White in mind, but Jarrett Brown and the next line of WVU quarterbacks.

    So basically, next year they will throw the ball a bit more, but after that look for them to use the pass even more.

    Another thought that just crossed my mind. I wonder if White would agree to play some snaps on offense other than quarterback next year. This could show off his potential to the pros and allow for a talented player in Brown to see the field. I dunno. Just a thought.

  18. ok i read this site daily and never comment….but the idea of pat white ANYWHERE on the field other than QB is F@$%ing NUTS!!!

  19. Playing him consistently anywhere other than QB is a dumb idea but I wouldn’t mind seeing White, Devine, and Brown in the backfield and then have Pat go in motion and end up split out wide.

    If I were a defender and saw that occur I would shit my pants.

  20. well I wouldmnt mind seeing brown more involved, but i wouldnt do anything that reduced whites touches/carries.

  21. Stiles, that is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. Take the greatest QB in WVU history and move him to a position where he doesn’t have the ball. Brillaint. Maybe we could have him play some defensive back too! Or we could just scrap the whole season and just run an NFL combine since we’re worried about our players getting drafted instead of winning games. And I’m sure Pat wouldn’t mind the position switch. After all, it’s not like he picked WVU based on the fact we would let him play QB.

    Here’s an idea: recruit a receiver to play receiver. Leave Pat’s 7 yards per carry and top 10 passer rating alone.

  22. Pat White’s passing ability is under-rated, and I think ARR failed to take maximum advantage of his talent. His TD pass to Tito Gonzales in the Fiesta Bowl was as pretty a throw as you could ever ask for, and he put it just where Tito could catch it and the DB couldn’t reach it. Remember, Jeff Mullen developed Ben Mauk before Mauk transferred to Cincinnati after his injury, and Mauk was pretty impressive running a more balanced spread attack than ours. If Stew and Mullen can unleash Pat’s arm more next year and keep defenses from loading the box against the run, can you imagine what kind of yards per carry Pat and Noel might be able to generate? Wow.

  23. I for one am excited and nervous about the new hires. The good thing is that we have Pat to make sure that wvu coarse stays straight ahead. i think that RR was not open minded enough to let Pat throw to our talent down field. i know the bestg plays that White and Brown made where not nessisarly disigned runs so let Pat drop deep and let him fgo to work on blitzing defenders thast was thde problem with RR he had plays called that do not give pat a chance to make a move . So let us keep rolling over our foes, cut our losses may it be our past coaches or players that may have lost a step.(sorry Steve good luck ). we will miss Schmitt and Dingle and Dykes the most we have solid backups for Reynaud. so defense will scare me the most. especially in the secondary still have good line backers though

  24. Stiles, stick to van surfing, and leave the football to us grown ups.

  25. Jefff Mullen is the main reason why wvu lost their second and third non-conference games. WVU only allowed 24 to ECU and 17 to CU. If our offense had only converted once in the CU we would have run. Our defense has done well considering how many people it lost.

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