Exclusive: Rodriguez’s Letter To Garrison

As per Chuck Finder’s “bombshell” piece in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Rich Rodriguez wrote a letter dated January 10 to President Mike Garrison. In that letter, Rodriguez stated that Garrison reneged on a verbal promise, before he was actually installed as President, to lower or do away with the buyout clause in the coach’s contract. It was this promise that convinced Rodriguez to sign his extension at WVU.

Late last night, WBGV obtained an exclusive copy of that letter. In it, Rodriguez states compelling reasons why the buyout was to be lowered and apparently, has hard evidence to back up these claims. This letter is a damaging hit to the University and may forever sully our reputation. It also virtually guarantees that we see none of the $4 million payment as was previously expected.

Below is the actual letter.


13 Responses

  1. Is there an alternate route I should take to get to work in Morgantown today in order to avoid bombshell fragments?

  2. This bombshell turned out to be one of those little “Snap-Pop” things you throw at the ground or pop between your fingers.

    Finder is normally a decent journalist but this article was written to spite WVU for all the hate mail he has received over the past few weeks. I cannot believe he printed this after talking to a Duke law professor that basically said AssRod was screwed harder than that WVU cheerleader.

    This is the equivalent of me writing a letter right now stating that my employer promised me $4 million to spend half my day on this blog and ignoring work. PAY UP!!

  3. Question if anyone knows, I did not read the article and I know I will look stupid if this is answered in said article, but wasn’t it documented that at some point, say 2009, the buyout would be reduced in the neighborhood of 2 mil? And yes, I am too lazy to just look it up, any help is appreciated.

  4. My biggest surprise is that he actually was able to use words. I thought Neanderthal-Rod would have to draw pictures to get his point across

  5. I may be wrong but doesnt Fraudriguez have a $4million buyout with MICHIGAN now? and wonder if he gave bill martin the same song and dance whe they were discussing it?

  6. In Fraud’s contract the buy-out is reduced as followed.

    2 mil payable within 2 years if he left after Aug. 31, 2008 and or before August 31, 2011

    $1 mill payable in a lump sum within thirty days if he left after August 31, 2011 and on or before Jan 15, 2014

  7. Why was the $4mil buyout a big deal to Rodriguez last August just as he was signing a new contract? That’s only important if he was already thinking about leaving.

  8. Did rod’s lawyer go to WVU law? because if he thinks this will work, he is the worst lawyer in america.

    by the way, you forgot the part of his letter where he said,” I hate all you meen stupid heads!”

  9. You missed the P.S. on the letter that said “Mike Brown went to Mars to get more cars, but Pastilong went to Jupiter to get more stupider.”

  10. The letter was probably written by Brown himself. I couldn’t imagine Fraud writing a coherent letter to save his own @ss!

  11. The thing about that Beckley article is there are no actual quotes…just the writer of the story trying to fit pieces into place.

    Huggins and his top aide Hahn know how to recruit, but getting Pryor might even be too much for them when they have to go against the $$$ OSU is throwing at him.

  12. Thanks 5thyear, I thought it was due to be reduced…trying to understand anything going through RR’s head is futile, but I really do not understand his case in stating he was given verbal guarantee that the buyout would be reduced when, in fact, it is due to be reduced by half less than a year from now.

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