Wake Forest Quarterbacks Gone Wild


When you woke up this morning, you probably didn’t think to yourself, “man, I really hope I get to see Wake Forest quarterback Riley Skinner naked today.” And if you did, you’re 5th Year Senior. But I digress.

What follows is a slightly photoshopped version of Skinner’s self-portrait. When I say slightly photoshopped, I mean I have covered up his penis. Because c’mon, who wants a penis on their site? Not me — I’m all about the tits.

And by the way, if this is what former Wake QB coach and current WVU OC Jeff Mullen had to work with, he should do just fine with Pat White.

So, after the jump, nakedness (sans penis). Enjoy — or not.


[With Leather]

25 Responses

  1. Jeff Mullen has run to the hills to avoid the obvious homosexuality running wild in the ACC. No wonder Mauk left Wake for Cincy! That is a dorm room nightmare!

    Which is more weard Charley? you photoshopping his weiner or me checking out the photoshop of his weiner. Please for the love god remove this Charley!

  2. I’m glad you covered his rodriguez!

  3. What’s worse, the fact that he posed nude or the fact that I clicked “read more?”

  4. That’s messed up, man. Three questions:

    1.) Why did I click this?

    2.) Why did you post this?

    3.) Why did he take this picture?

  5. P.S. – Loved the “covered his Rodriguez” comment!

  6. well i actually know him, and this is a picture that someone had taken off his computer and it was for his girlfriend. Skinner has been incredibly upset about what has happened Whoever put this up, please take it down for his sake because you are just ruining a kid’s reputation who would never in a million years want anyone to see this. So please, take this down

  7. have some class and respect. He is a great guy and whatever is between him and his girlfriend should stay between them. This is just wrong. So have some respect and take it down

  8. well, the dummy shouldnt have taken a nude pic, has he never heard of paris hilton, or any of the other stars that have had this happen to them? When you take a nude picture of yourself, and put it on your ocmputer and you are famous…..your johnson ends up on WBGV, end of story.

  9. It’s interesting to see class and respect mentioned when we’re talking about someone who has taken naked pictures of himself. In this day and age, especially when you’re a D-I quarterback, you should simply know better.

    And besides, this is already on With Leather and EDSBS. There’s no stopping it now.

  10. It looks like that floating cartoon head is giving his Rodriguez a side-entry blow job.

    LMAO that this was a gift for his gf. What? Was the dorm completely out of boxes for the old Dick in a Box gift?

  11. You know what Eric you are right. It should stay between him and his girlfriend. But then again if you want things to stay between yourself and your girlfriend you draw the blinds to do secret stuff. You do NOT take naked pictures of yourself to send to your girlfriend.

    I remember when a picture of me got out and it was a huge hullabaloo. Here is that picture

  12. It is, indeed, Remington Country.

  13. 5th year, are you and charley twins?

    and as to this, he is a class guy? I feel brittney spears is classy as well, but damnit, if i can get a shot up her skirt during an alcohol/qualude rage, im checking it out! (notice the sarcasm?)

  14. also does he have a lip ring? how very DU HAST of him….

  15. What, did Skinner meet his girl in a chat room? Is she his ‘internet girlfriend’? Is there a reason why she can’t just see it for herself in person without e-mailer her a picture? People tell me that that in-person is more enjoyable than over the internet. Can anyone fill me in from personal experience?

  16. You know you like it.

  17. So I have the demon deacon over my crotch (it’s genetic) but I wish I had his arms. Mine are a little flabby.

  18. OK, What the F*ck is going on here? LOL

  19. Gregg, apparently Wake Forest’s secret weapon is a floating cartoon head who gives a mean sidesuck.

  20. He’s showing a little too much Skinn…er for my liking.

  21. Does any one know of the website that shows Riley completely naked?

  22. So, who cares if I am gay. I want to see the real picture! He is a good looking guy.

  23. Carter! Dude! WOW! What the Fuck? What to say?

    Charley you better remove this before carter wears his little demon deacon out.

    Carter stop touching your SKIN-ER!

  24. Found the website with the whole picture. I am so happy, he is really a lot bigger than you might think!!! Sorry for disturbing you guys.

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