Tonight: Bob Huggins in Goldmember


5 Responses

  1. Huggins: can I paint your yoo-hoo gold? It’s kind of my thing, you know.
    ARR: How ’bout no, I’m a crazy Dutch bastard, lying, cheating theif…
    Huggins: I love gooooooold.
    ARR: Unfortunately, my wifes face does look like a vagina.
    Huggins:Can I paint your yoo-hoo gold now? It’s kind of my thing, you know…
    ARR: All right, let me find my balls, for God’s sakes. 1, 2… and 3, okay; I’m okay.
    Huggins: (kicks ARR Right in the kanickies)yells” There’s only two things I hate in this world. Any team from Ohio and a Dutch bastard, lying, cheating theif…

  2. “One of the worst shooting performances we have seen this year from anywhere in the country.” …Nice exposure on ESPN. That has got to be the lowest energy level I’ve ever seen (from the fans and the players) at the Coliseum.

    Maybe Huggy Bear should concentrate more on coaching and less on his wardrobe.

  3. There is something wrong about wearing yellow. We should burn all mustard suits, football and basketball.

    Mustard stinks up the place. peeeuuu!

  4. At least Huggs gave us something to look at besides the glaring scoreboard.

    Patience ‘eers. This team will find its way and Huggs will find a stylist. I like his clothes though lol. He’s cute =)

    This team needs a leader. One of the players needs to step it up.

  5. […] mid-season NBA and NHL games. Sure I love NCAA basketball. But that love has been tainted by my coaches fashion sense and my teams ability to rip defeat from the jaws of victory. So I’m kind of not liking […]

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