It’s Hump Day: Nick Lachey’s Conquests Edition

OK, let’s see if you can follow my logic here.

Tonight, WVU plays Cincinnati. One of Cincinnati’s biggest fans is Nick Lachey. Despite his only real accomplishment being a part of a moderately successful boy-band, 98 Degrees, Nick Lachey has had incredible luck with the ladies. More specifically, he’s hollowed out both Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Minnillo.

And since it’s Hump Day (trademark pending), I figured why not use a terribly strained connection to post pictures of these two women. I think we can agree that I made the right choice.

Jessica Simpson:

Vanessa Minnillo:


10 Responses

  1. How I love Hump Day.
    Almost inspires Haiku.
    Almost. But Not Quite.

  2. Here’s my haiku:

    Tits. Ass. Tits. Ass. Tits.
    Ass. Tits. Ass. Tits. Ass. Tits. Ass.
    Tits. Ass. Tits. Ass. Tits.

  3. Pic #3 = technical diffculties

  4. This is much better than a nude ACC QB!

  5. thanks for the fix

  6. I think we could officially re-name this blog:
    Every Day Should Be Wednesday.
    Oh, and Kudos to Nick Lachey. I always knew I should have jumped at that chance to be in a boy band.

  7. She So Fine and I dont care I love her eyes and her wild wild Hair!

  8. 5’4, and arguably gay worked out pretty well for Nick. What’s Stiles excuse.

  9. 5’4, and arguably gay has worked for Nick. What’s Stiles excuse?

  10. I’m too good looking.

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