The Seven Days of Signing Day

Note: Officially, our week-long signing day special, succinctly titled “Countdown To The 2008 WBGV Scintillating Succulent Signing Day Spectacular,” has begun. This is part 1 in a 7 part series.

OK, boys and girls, only a week left until signing day. Already, we’ve had quite a bit of action in the recruiting world. Below is the updated lists, as per WBGV’s official Signing Day Predictomatic 3000. Players in bold have moved up the list while players in italics have moved down. Players with neither bold nor italics could be dead.

New Commitments

  • Jorge Wright, DE (Florida)

Players No Longer Committed

  • Jahleel Addae

Likely To Sign

  • JD Woods, WR (Florida)
  • Aki Vakalahi (JC — Arizona)

Somewhere Between 75/25 and 25/75:

  • Josh Jenkins, G (West Virginia)
  • Kevin Whaley, CB (Virginia)
  • Greg Shaw, OT (Florida)
  • Tevita Finau, DE (JC — Arizona)
  • Steve Gardiner, LB (Ohio)
  • Coley White, QB/WR (Alabama)

Need A Late Push:

  • Benji Kemoeatu, OL (Hawaii)
  • Travis Kelce, QB (Ohio)
  • Jaron Brown, WR (South Carolina)
  • Martavious Odoms, WR (Florida)
  • Jatavious Miller, LB (Florida)
  • Marcus Davis, QB/WR (Virginia)
  • Randall Dunn, WR (Virginia)

6 Responses

  1. Odoms eliminated us yesterday.

  2. Any reason why Finau and Davis moved down? I heard Dunn is visiting UVA, so that pretty much eliminates us, but from what I gather, Finau is still likely to commit and I have heard nothing on Davis.

  3. Odoms was dropped to unlikely. I was just giving it a day before he leaves the list entirely.

    With the interest Finau is getting from Cal and USC, it just seems less likely that he’ll commit. Note I didn’t say unlikely, just less than a sure thing.

    That said, I still think we get him.

  4. Getting Finau will go a long way in determing the success of WVU next season. It wasn’t by accident that once Dingle started playing well the defense did too. They need a hoss that can step in right away and replace what Dingle brought to the table.

    Also, the thought of Shaw and Jenkins coming together to WVU makes me very happy.

    They get the above three recruits, the class will look just fine.

  5. A lot of WRs on there, I wonder if our chances improve now that we have Galloway on board?

  6. We landed 4-star defensive end Tevita Finau.

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