New Strength Coach

Except for Comcast sucking, this would have been posted Monday.

Assistant University of Notre Dame strength and conditioning coach, Mike Joseph, is WVU’s new strength and conditioning coach.

He comes to WVU having spent 4 years at ND.  He was a graduate assistant at WVU for 2 years (1999-2001), and is a graduate of Fairmont State.

Personally, I never trust a man with two first names.  But we’ll wait and see.


15 Responses

  1. Couldn’t lift Mike Barwis’ jock

  2. that guy has the biggest mouth i have ever seen.

  3. By barwis’ jock, do you mean his vagina holder?

  4. For some people nothing is good enough.

    That guy looks pretty buff though so I trust him.

  5. If he’s so great, how come Charlie Weis still looks like, well, Charlie Weis?

    OK, I get it, it’s because the S&C staff only works with the players. But can’t they do something with Weis while they’re at it? He had the gastric bypass surgery, so it’s sort of like he has a running start.

  6. I was always a big Barwis guy. I personally heard good things about him from everyone I’ve known to play a sport at WVU. (he didn’t take over football until 2003 or 4) Maybe it’s because his voice sounded like he swallowed a box full of tax, or because he used to be an Ultimate Fighter.

    But Barwis was loyal to Rod, and for that, I hope a piano falls on his head.

  7. Considering Barwis was a ‘no files left behind’ kinda dude, I’m not feeling real attached to him either.

  8. F Barwis…Mike Joseph will do great. And in his role you don’t need to be buff…you need to create the plans for others to be buff. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from those who know him or have worked with him in the past. I’m sure he’ll take our athletes to new limits…and I trust Coach Stew’s faith in him.

  9. I like Joseph Mike. I hope the Irish aren’t as pissed at us as we are with Michigan.

    Country Roads

  10. It is possible to be a great S&C Coach without bring the attention to yourself like Barwis did. Barwis did a great job and everyone knew about it because he had an ego the size of Texas.

    All the programs Barwis installed are not secrets. WVU has a great PE school to back this up. Where do you think Barwis learned his trade? Barwis was successful because he was a very hard worker. Mike will work just as hard!

    Mike Joseph will do a great job!!!

  11. I think strenth coach training is in Excersize Physiology not, not Physical Education. I really hope Dana Brooks isn’t in charge of developing future strength coaches. Talk about a goofball.

  12. Apparently the Richard Simmons interview didn’t go so well. Glad we got this guy instead.

  13. I went to school with Mike Joseph and played baseball with him. He was a stud running back @ Fairmont Senior, a really good Baseball player, a Great wrestler and an incredible person.

    He is a workout and fitness FREAK. He can inspire and lead. He knows what he is doing and has trained about 100 guys that went into the NFL. This is a great hire!

  14. I wondered. I went to HS with MIke as well, though he’s a couple of years younger. He should do great. Most Marion county boys are pretty darn good (except of course for Grant Town Rich).

  15. You guys better watch the trash talk about Mike B. He may come back and “unleash the dragon”!!

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