That’s Just God Being God

The Mountaineers look to find atonement in Providence tonight, as I look to find whores in Touchdown City. 

If you’re looking for analysis, look somewhere else, because you won’t find it here.


I know nothing about Providence this year.  All I know is they lost in overtime against Notre Dame on Wednesday in the battle of Our Mother of Universities I Hate. 

I know Austin Coshere, and Ryan Gomes were good.  I know that white kid with the shaved head graduated already.  And Tim Welsh has greasy hair and an empty basketball mind.

I know if WVU plays like they did against Cincinnati, Huggins will ensure that the streets run red with Smalligan’s blood.

I think we lose, because I’m a negative nancy.  No one goes into the Dunkin’ Donut …..dounghnutssss…. Okay, I gotta go and get some Krispy Kreme.

UPDATE: Reader feedback: give your predictions for the game. 

Now let us pray.


8 Responses

  1. My predictions:

    an explanation of what a friar is by the second quarter, at which I will still think it’s a stupid mascot. At least add in a “fighting friars”

    Huggs will NEVER wear a gold suit again

    Greater than 30% shooting

    Worse than 70% free throw shooting

    Huggins to seriously consider the substitution of a small deaf and blind girl for Smalligan (as you all predicted)

    All that being said 53-47 WVU as this time we drag our opponent down to our level.

  2. WVU will bounce back with a W. Huggs will use Brown a lot more this game to give this team some physical presence.

    WVU 69 – Providence 60

  3. My version of Huggs pregame speech:

    Alright fuckers if you don’t step up and win this game we have no shot at making the NCAA tournament. If you want to go back and defend your NIT title I will drive up to Ann Arbor and get that pussy John Belying down here to coach your weak asses. Man up punch someone in the face, not in the groin like Chris Paul, and win this game against this catholic pussies. If you don’t win I will make you wear tutu’s next practice and make sure the press is there to take pictures…no get out there and actually make a shot.

    WVU 74 FriarTuck 61

  4. My game-day predictions( more like my hopes & dreams):

    1. Huggins will NOT be wearing a gold suit…..(not today, not next week, not ever again!!)
    2. We step up our entire game completely or we’ll be lucky to even go to the NIT!!!
    3.Field goal shooting percentage will be at least 50% during the game.
    4. Free throw shooting percentage will be at least 60%.
    5. We make at least 1 out of every 3 of our 3-pt. shots.
    6. We get the rebound (period).

  5. Beware Weyinmi Efejuku!
    Eers 66 Friars 64

  6. Its sweet that Mr. Hanke the Christmas poo plays for Providence. Howdy, howdy, howdy ho.

  7. You don’t just walk into the Dunken Donut Center and expect to waltz out with a victory…

  8. The boys did well tonight. Darius took charge and Cam T. made a statement with his play that turned the game around.

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