Rodriguez Reads At A 3rd Grade Level

The man is stupid. I can’t stress that enough.

As you well know, Rodriguez and his attorneys are attempting to keep the lawsuit in federal court by continually reiterating that he was a resident of Michigan — not West Virginia — when the case was filed. They point to his Michigan address, his Michigan driver’s license, his Michigan voter’s registration card, and the black-market handgun he purchased off 8 Mile Road in Detroit. In fact, after purchasing the gun, he personally filed off the serial number and promptly shot a guy.

A strong case indeed.

But then, just when you think the guy’s pretty smart, he manages to confirm his status as a “special person.” And by special person, I mean retard. And by retard, I mean someone’s who’s actually not mentally challenged but acts like he is.

WVU claims Rodriguez was living in West Virginia and his children were attending West Virginia schools when the lawsuit was filed. The school also said Rodriguez mailed a second resignation letter Jan. 10, using his Morgantown residence as the return address.

Fucking brilliant.

For anyone else, it would seem you’d have to actively try to look this stupid. To Rodriguez, though, it seems to come naturally.



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  2. there is no way that this case should be in Fed. Court. If im not mistaken it doesnt matter when the lawsuit was filed, but when the breach occured. If i am correct, then he was clearly a wv resident on the night of the pitt loss.

  3. Wow…pure ownage.

  4. It most likely won’t matter where the hell he lived if WVU is considered a “state entity” because those cases are in STATE court unless filed by another state.

  5. “5” pulling out some legality! You’d think he had a law degree or something. This is quite amusing though, but who’s dumber, Rod or his attorney? To continue your theme, I’ll say Richie Rod is!

  6. at least that is what I think I learned in law school

  7. Not to rip on Charley, but the return address thing was made public 11 days ago.

  8. How about we get in our time machine, go back 11 days, you can send me an e-mail telling me about the return address thing, and then we’lll have a fucking party? How about that?

  9. Well played Charley

  10. The thing is that according to the law, because it was filed in Mon County Court, then WV Contract Law applies to the case, even if it goes into the higher Federal courts. He is a lier, and a cheap one at that, hopefully he got Rita some new clothes so she doesn’t look like Peggy Bundy from Married with Children anymore (No Offense to that Actress, she did a fine job portraying that part). Another point is that just because he signed a lease on a townhouse, does that really make him a resident of Michigan? For someone who is getting paid over $2M a year, I find that rather laughable, I would have been more inclined to belive in thier Michigan residency if he had used a seedy motel that also serves as a cheap whore-house for a residence. And my last thought, if they are no longer WV residents, why the f*ck is my Tax dollars paying to put his kids through school? Don’t get me wrong, I hope that what little WV schooling has been put into his kids does better to serve them in thier lives than that which thier parents received, but I digress.

  11. @ WVUIEGrad2007: I guess WVU IE didn’t teach you to edit before posting comments on blogs.

  12. Charley, I have the time machine covered, but I’ll need your WBGV e-mail address.

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