Signing Day Spectacular!

Without futher ado, the 2008 WBGV Signing Day Spectacular!

OK, a little more ado: We’ll be updating the list throughout the day…

New Commitments

  • Jorge Wright, DE (Florida)
  • Tevita Finau, DE (Phoenix C.C.)
  • Ryan Clarke, FB/TE (Maryland)
  • Tyler Urban, FB/TE/DE (Pennsylvania)
  • JD Woods, WR (Florida) — reaffirmed his verbal
  • Coley White, QB (Alabama) — Hopefully, Coley and Reggie Hunt are having a sleepover tonight. I think that’s what high school kids do these days.
  • Josh Jenkins, G (West Virginia) This is the single biggest signing we will make. That said, this also looks like good barometer for today’s success/failure. All signs point to success right now.
  • Jatavious Miller, LB (Florida)
  • Jerome Swinton, CB (Florida) — once thought to be lost, Swinton officially signed this morning.

Players No Longer Committed

  • Jahleel Addae
  • Jermaine Robinson

Likely To Sign

  • Aki Vakalahi (JC — Arizona)
  • Reggie Hunt, RB (Alabama)
  • Leonard Johnson, CB (Florida)
  • Eugene Hilton, WR (Florida)

Somewhere Between 75/25 and 25/75:

  • Greg Shaw, OT (Florida)
  • Robert Sands, S (Florida)
  • Randall Dunn, WR (Virginia)
  • Martavious Odoms, WR (Florida)

Need A Late Push:

  • Benji Kemoeatu, OL (Hawaii)
  • Shayne Hale, LB (Pennsylvania)

9 Responses

  1. Josh Jenkins for Heisman

  2. our guys have done one hell of a job. and Rich rod, well he is just a job. (that means blow job)

  3. Our we kidding ourselves about Hale? I hope nope, but we’ll likely find out in less than 10 hours!

  4. Jatavious Miller just committed!!! I think this could be a stud. Here is a link in regards to J. Jenkins commitment.

    Keep em coming!!!!

  5. Do you mean “are” 😛

  6. Yipeee! Being from Parkersburg, thats all I can say!

  7. This is great. The Mountaineers roll on.

  8. I think the Jenkins announcement is on if anyone wants to watch

  9. Good coverage, Charley. You’ve totally redeemed yourself from slacking on Monday. Swinton is a bit of a surprise, but from what I gather, the kid can play.

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