Josh Jenkins Officially Signs LOI


7 Responses

  1. My God, he doesn’t look like someone right out of high school. That’s a big dude.

  2. This makes me happier than even the thought of Terrell Pryor slipping through RR’s grimy fingers. I hope the football gods rewards Josh richly for his decision to attend his home state’s flagship university.

  3. DAMN boys I’m ready for tomorrow to be the first game of the ’08 season! I’ve studied the incoming players a little, and I have to say Stew and crew did a HELL of a job their first year recruiting, even getting as late of a start as they did. BIG ‘Eers welcome to all the players that are coming in!

  4. Did Pryor go to Ohio State then?

    It’s great for WVU and hopefully great for this young man to be staying with us. All we need is someone to fill Ryan Mundy’s shoes (if that’s possible) and the defense will again be awesome!

  5. Anyone have a link to the video of his signing?

  6. any word on that RB Kerns?

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