By Godders, it has been 69 days since Dec. 1, 2007, a date which will live in infamy. West Virginia was shockingly and even more shockingly beaten by the mustache. Did I mention it was shocking.

Well today is payback day. Revenge. Retribution. Murder. Well maybe not murder….okay, yeah, murder.

When I start thinking or talking about Pitt, I get so overwhelmed with hatred that I can’t put together a meaningful thought or sentence. It just seathes out. So instead of tring to make sense, I’ll just make a list.

Things I hate about Pitt:

  • That it’s located in Pittsburgh. Serioulsy, I’m for pollution as much as the next guy, but these guys are out of control.
  • Andrew Carnegie. He didn’t leave ANY money to his children. Or me. What a horrible parent.
  • Oakland. The whole thing is confusing. Are you poor, roughneck, trashy Pittsburghians, or fruity west coasters?
  • Jamie Dixon. On the advise of my politically correct lawyer, I’m not making a hilarious joke here.
  • The stache.
  • Pittsburgh Tuxedos = carpenter jeans, Timberland boots, and Ben Roethlisburger jersey.
  • Chevy Troutman
  • Ralph Willard
  • Pete Gonzalez
  • Peterson and his events center. Mike Puskar could beat Peterson up. And my dad could beat up your dad.
  • 12/1/07
  • Beano Cook
  • Steel. I’m more of an iron guy. There’s a reason there’s an ‘iron age’ and ‘bronze age’, but no ‘steel age’…steel sucks.
  • Panthers
  • Carl Krauser’s ‘Bronx’ gestures.

14 Responses

  1. Add the Heinz field and the Steelers to the list. People just don’t get it. They share revenue with Pitt! Recruits want to play in a pro stadium, and during the high school playoffs where so many of the talented Western Pa guys play, the stadium is dressed in Pitt Sh!t, coincidence? I think not! Pitt wants these recruits to think about playing in that stadium, and the Steelers let them. Plus there is a big Panther statue outside of the stadium.

  2. You forgot…Donatas Zavackas

  3. Revenge is a dish best served cold…and it’s going to be fucking freezing tonight!

    No really it’ll be 30 and snow showers tonight…that’s damn cold!

  4. The Women!

    Drunk, bar fly’s, and not a decent woman among them. And they are very poor at oral sex. I know, I know, I didn’t try all of them, but if that technique is what they are teaching at Junior High in Pittsburgh, then YES they all do suck at sucking. That can’t even get that right. And they guys from Pittsburgh think that is the way its done???? I lost respect for them as well.

  5. I hate the squeaky voice Ben Roethlisberger uses in that Fathead commercial. Does he think it’s funny? It’s not. Can Pittsburgh be blamed for this? Yes.

  6. […] hoops rivalry with West Virginia has never really seemed as intense as the football side, but WBGV still lays down the […]

  7. Guess you guys should add Ronald Ramon to the list.

  8. 12-01-07


  9. the best part about last night’s game was the look of disgust on every mountaineer fan’s face after that 3 pointer dropped. it was very reminiscent of the faces that i saw on 12/01/07. maybe if west virginia ran a real offense they would’ve won the game last night.

  10. Maybe if you would just go fuck yourself then you would know what it felt like to get laid. I hate you

  11. My liist includes (but is not limited to): Ironhead; Bill Hillgrove; That dilapidated Firetrap formerly known as Pitt Stadium; French fries on the Sandwich; Mark May and IC light.

  12. primanti’s is better than anything thats served in west viriginia. and give me one wvu football player thats on the same level as mark may.

  13. Answer: Perlo Bastien.

  14. A. It’s my list, not yours.
    B. I have had better Hot dogs in WV than Primanti’s.

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